I tried carrying four ears of corn in one hand on Sunday night.

Now would be a good time to mention that I have small hands.  Not suitable for four large ears of corn.  I was carrying said ears onto our patio to put them on the grill when one fell out of my hand, rolled across the patio and fell two stories into a pile of rocks.  If there was ever a time to be grateful that our downstairs neighbors keep their patio blinds closed, it was on Sunday night when I had to sneak into their “backyard” to retrieve that corn.  Oopsie!


I love Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

Okay, career-wise, I know next to nothing about KAJ (basketball, right??) but a month ago I signed up for this little email project thing someone organized with a bunch of random celebrities — Every Monday I get an email that compiles a bunch of emails previously written by those celebrities.  Basically, there’s a topic and they all have to search their sent folder for a message that fits that topic — and he happens to be one of them.  I find it to be a totally intimate look into the life/personality of the participants and every single one of KAJ’s emails has been poised, intelligent and caring.  In other words, he seems like the definition of a stand up guy.  If you’re interested, the project is called “We Think Alone” and you can still sign up 🙂

We went to the Bruno Mars concert on Monday night at Red Rocks.

Someone had tee many martoonis.  Just kidding, no one drinks martinis at a concert.  But it may have been vodka lemonades instead.

photo 2

Anyways, Bruno sounded amazing and I most likely embarrassed everyone that was with me by dancing the entire time.  And another confession: I love going to concerts by performers who only have one or two CDs.  It means you’ll probably get to hear every single song and still be in bed by midnight, which is ideal for a Monday night concert.

photo 5

photo 4

Psst, check out the light shining onto Denver in the background of this picture.  The promise land!

We put in our first offer on a house!

Unfortunately, the seller took a higher offer but it was exciting for a minute there.  I’ve decided to bounce back and move on instead of being disappointed.  We didn’t want that shitty house anyways! 😛

I just bought the new Civil Wars CD.

photo 1

I know, I just bought the old CD like two weeks ago but I’m already loving the new one.  There’s a cover of a Smashing Pumpkins song and I think I listened to it about 5 times before I even realized it was a cover — they have this knack for making covers sounds so completely different from the original — but I think my favorite is “Dust to Dust.”  Also, Adele tweeted about how good the album was and I fell even more in love with her.

I need one of these.


We had dinner over at Joey’s aunt and uncle’s on Tuesday night and they pulled out S’mores and these pie irons for dessert.  The iron opens up so you can fill it with bread and pie filling, then you toast the whole thing over the fire.  It reminded me of the good old Toas-tite that my mom inherited from her dad.  We used to make some amazing breakfast flying saucer creations with that thing.  Ah, memories.

We’re going to “the cabin” this weekend and I might actually be excited.

Who else thinks this would be the perfect occasion to locate that aforementioned Toas-tite and make a campfire meal with it?

Happy Friday!

CSA Things: Faaava Beans

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t feeling as excited about this week’s pick up.  I mean there’s only so much excitement you can feel about spinach and arugula — and I have a feeling we’ll be seeing much more of those two things — and the “OH MY GOD, GARLIC SCAPES” ship I was on two weeks ago has apparently sailed.  There’s really only so much pesto a person can eat.  But I think we made the best of it anyways.

CSA Pick-Up #3 Included:

  • Spinach
  • Arugula
  • Fava beans
  • Garlic scapes
  • Swiss chard

What We Cooked:


How crazy-huge are fava beans?!

We served them up plain and simple as a side dish for a summery pasta salad (below).  Joey and I were really surprised by the taste/texture of the beans.  They’re pretty soft and have this flavor that’s pea-like but potato-y at the same time?  Upon first taste, Joey declared it “his new favorite bean!” — do people have favorite beans? — then decided they smelt weird, ha!  I would certainly try them again, but we’ll have to wait till next year as fava bean season is super short and this will probably be the only time they’ll be offered to us.


As for that arugula I was so excited about, we tossed it in this salad.  We swapped millet for orzo, and arugula for spinach because that’s what we had on hand (and I had other plans for the spinach :P) and it turned out fabulously.  There’s something about fresh corn and a light lemony dressing that just screams summer.  And look, I know it isn’t quite corn season yet and what we bought at the grocery store probably wasn’t local, but CORN IS SO GOOD!  No lie, after we boiled this corn and cut off the kernels, Joey and I stood over the sink and ate anything that was left on those cobs.  It was very classy in our kitchen that night.


Okay, stay with me on this one.  I was at a serious loss for what to do with the Swiss chard.  It was actually Joey who suggested I use the leaves as a wrap.  I just smeared some hummus and pesto on the leaves then tossed in some cheese and cherry tomatoes.  Plus a good sprinkle of salt and pepper, of course, it wasn’t half bad and I’ll admit I repeated this meal a few times.  Still, I think I could do with any more chard in our CSA bundle.


The spinach went to good use in a homemade pizza.  We just sautéed some onion and spinach and tossed it on some pizza dough — homemade, mind you! — then topped it all off with some fresh mozzarella.  I can’t remember the first time I ate fresh mozzarella, but I imagine it being a very strange taste if you’ve never tried it before.  And I mean plain, not inside a fried breading!


My plan was to use the garlic scapes in place of anything that called for garlic this week, but it after making my favoritest summer pasta dish with them, I realized scapes and regular garlic maybe aren’t so interchangeable.  They’re kind of crunchy!  That being said, nothing could ruin this pasta dish, especially when paired with some butter roasted carrots and a glass of white wine.


Also, this is what garlic scapes look like, for any of you who’ve never come across this weird looking produce.  They’re usually even more weird looking, but it’s the end of garlic scape season, so this happens to be a smaller bunch.

And thus ends this weeks edition of “the weird (and probably extremely unappetizing-looking) things I did with a bunch of produce I wasn’t all that jazzed about.”  I’m sure it was crazy exciting to read, huh?

Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderfully fun and exciting 4th of July!


Is there a certain vegetable (or vegetables!) you just really don’t care for?

Have you ever seen a fava bean?

Favorite kind of pizza?