Weekend Things

It’s my sweet Mama’s birthday today, so first things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!! We did a little early celebrating this weekend by taking a family trip to the Wild Animal Sanctuary and it was so amazing! Before all that, my sister gave me a mani/pedi (SO NEEDED AND I’M SO GRATEFUL), Joey and I ordered in pizza and watched a real Rockies game (!!), I supervised Joey hanging up a bunch of new house decor and we (re)watched Django Unchained and mostly I just tried to take it easy because: ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN, OUCH!!!

What a true treasure it is to have a sister, especially one that gives such good mani/pedis ‚̧

We put in an order at Cart-Driver and then they cancelled it on us ūüė© We barely recovered but enough to order something else — Earnest Hall to the rescue!

Do you like our new rug?? We do! Also got pictures, a mirror and a ladder shelf hung up and it’s feeling so good in this space!

Summer Squash and Basil Pasta is one of our favs! What I’ll say about Django upon a re-watch is please do not make me wait an hour and a half into the movie to see Leo!

Okay, excuse my ignorance, but I didn’t even know the Wild Animal Sanctuary A) existed or B) was so close! My sister suggested taking my mom for her birthday and I was on board. We were planning to go Sunday evening but there was some rain in the forecast so we quick switched plans and went right when they opened. It ended up being a cool(ish), breezy, overcast day and I’m SO GLAD because that 3-mile walk without any cover would’ve killed me if it had been sunny and hot. Plus we saw soooo many animals! A Bagheera (my favorite!), lots of bears, tigers, lions, camels and little fox-type creatures.

There is a giant elevated walkway so you’re not up in the animal’s faces and though there were times when we crossed paths with other visitors — sidenote: people who can’t even bother to pull up their mask for 30 seconds as you pass someone else are unfathomably dumb and rude — for the most part, we were all soooo spread out that we could take our masks off (the sanctuary just asks that you have it on when you’re within 20 feet of others), so that was nice and, I assume, probably not the case at the zoo. We had a good time!

Back at home, Andi was clinging to us like he thought we’d never return home, we both took a nap, ate leftovers for dinner and started Succession. Please tell me what you did!

Just a Wednesday Night

Yesterday, my sister invited me to get a manicure with her, so I quick cancelled my appointment for Saturday — because why go later when you can go NOW? — and said yes. ¬†We went to Base Coat because it’s THE BEST¬†and I’m at a point in my life where I just don’t have the patience for bad nail salon experiences. ¬†Afterwards, she came over and I cooked us up a cute lil dinner of pork tenderloin, mashed sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.


I told her about how Joey and I’s dinner routine involves¬†me fixing our plates and Joey serving our drinks and she thought it was the cutest. ¬†It kinda is. ¬†I also had her try some blueberry pomegranate kombucha I made and she liked it so much that I think I might be re-inspired to keep making it. ¬†And what I’m really trying to say, is that life is so fun when you have people who love you unconditionally and are encouraging and inspiring and make you feel whole. I adore my little sister¬†because she IS this person in my life.

It was just a Wednesday night, except it was so so much more.