Last Night at Yoga

If you’ve ever been to a yoga class, then you probably know most teachers like to spout out some really hippy talk during the practice.  It always sounds really nice and I’m sure they’re being genuine, but most times I’m kind of rolling my eyes.  I can’t really relate and it’s all a little too out there for me.  Suggestions for how to adjust my pose to make it even better and stronger are more than welcome, but vague talk about “your purpose” or “things that don’t serve you” usually go in one ear and out the other.  Sorry, but it’s true!

That being said, I really connected with what my teacher was talking about in class last night.  It was all about the Svadhisthana Chakra or the Pelvic Chakra and to think of it as a bowl of water, that if out of balance, could spill out all your emotions.  The reverse being that the bowl of water would freeze up and you don’t actually feel your emotions.  She went on to suggest that we allow ourselves to notice any emotions that came up during the class, but not necessarily act on them, and that you could translate that to your everyday life.

I could think of a handful of recent incidents when I had let one little thing set me off and totally change my mood (for the worse), so I could definitely relate.  And up until that moment I had always thought being emotional was a GOOD thing.  I had prided myself on being “fully connected to my emotions,” and in this eye-opening moment I realized being a total emotional waterfall might be just as dysfunctional as being unemotional.  Whoa.  So am I going to instantly become the type of person who notices their emotions without always immediately acting on them?  Probably not, but maybe now that I know that’s an option, I can at least TRY to do that more often.

Just some deep thoughts for you on this Wednesday 🙂


Last Night at Red Rocks

Well here it is.  It is now, at the age of 26, that I have come to realize these important life lessons when it comes to attending concerts at Red Rocks.

A) Always tailgate with Chipotle.  We recently made the mistake of tailgating with Qdoba and DUDE, NO.  Oh and do not forget the growler of homebrew.  Or the glasses to drink said homebrew from.

B) Reserved seating is where it’s at.  Okay, so I actually went to a concert earlier this summer where I did not have reserved seating and had to sit three rows from the very top with the high school girls and their moms, but that’s kind of exactly my point.

C) Practice post-show patience.  Unless you’re doing that thing where you ditch out early, traffic is going to be a nearly unavoidable nightmare.  The only way to avoid it, is to embrace it.  Crank some music, bring some snacks and enjoy tailgate 2.0.






We saw Sam Smith at Red Rocks last night and WOW.  I have seen some good shows at Red Rocks — John Mayer, The Beach Boys, Foster the People — and Sam Smith wasn’t the most exciting performance I’ve ever seen but THAT VOICE.  My ears were feeling very lucky last night.  He even did a mash-up cover of “Tears Dry on Their Own” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough,” be still my heart!  I can vouch that he sounds even better live than he does on his album.  Also, how incredibly beautiful and refreshing to see someone put their whole bleeding heart out in front of the world.  What an absolute gem.

P.S. We are doing Round 2 of weeknight concerts tonight so if you see me tweeting weird stuffs tomorrow, know that it’s because I’m running on limited sleep…