Weekend Things

Back in August, Joey and I debated getting the Alamo movie pass.  Joey really wanted it but I argued that we wouldn’t go any more often than before, even if we did have “unlimited” movie privileges.  Well, we saw three movies just last week, so maybe Joey was right after all 😛  If you’re not here for constant movie talk, don’t worry, there’s still food and puppy pictures to come!


We finally saw Joker!  It came out the weekend we left for Italy and then there was just so much controversial discourse around it that it sort of turned me off.  It was time though.  Whew… this one is a thinker!  I think there are things to admire and things to feel uneasy about and for me, lots of things to feel unsure about still.  I’m not entirely sure what this film is trying to say about mental illness but something about it makes me feel uncomfortable and I just don’t know that a Joker who’s not pinned against Batman really makes sense, but Joey and I did agree that the filmmakers did a good job not fully making Joker (or Arthur Fleck) a sympathetic character.  Visually and narratively, it’s compelling and, of course, Joaquin is just fully committed.  Gotta say though, Gotham needed to look and feel a lot weirder!


Saturday morning, we walked to Black Eye Coffee for caffeine and breakfast.  We hadn’t done that in so long!  Afterward, I went to pick up my boots at Dardano’s (they look great!) and Joey surprised me by cleaning the bathroom, even though it was my turn ♥  We watched a couple episodes of Deadwood, then Joey cut us off so he could vacuum and mop the floors??  Who is this person?  For dinner, we made Thai Butternut and Cauliflower Bowls with Snow Peas and Peanut Sauce from Plated, because my little sis gifted us a subscription!  She is the best and I really loved this meal.  That peanut sauce!


Then we saw The Irishman!  It’s only THREE HOURS AND TWENTY MINUTES LONG.  Though I’m certainly not opposed to watching movies on my couch, in my pajamas, I really do love seeing a film on the big screen and I’d been told that this one was worth doing so.  I’m not sure I agree though.  Not to say there aren’t scenes that looked amazing up there, but so much of it is character-driven and I don’t know that you need to see Robert De Niro’s face on a large scale to read the emotion in his face.  Despite being an extremely long movie (shout-out to the guy sitting next to me who fell asleep like three times, then left early — I heard his girlfriend say “we’ll try again tomorrow” when they left, ha!), it was actually well-paced and I can’t imagine cutting any of it out.  I don’t have a strong connection to Martin Scorsese films, but I thought this was very well made, interesting and I felt more emotionally impacted by it than I had expected to be!


Sunday morning, I made pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast and we watched SNL from the night before.  Never speak a bad word about Harry Styles to me, okay?  I dare you to wear a full read outfit and pull it off!  Afterward, we managed to put together lunch salads for the week before we both went our separate ways at 10:30.


I had a stuffing-making date with my mom!  I own a copy of this recipe and we made it together years ago (I think I was still in college??) but I wanted to witness the entire process.  It’s time consuming and it made me appreciate the fact that my mom has made this every Thanksgiving and Christmas for as long as I can remember.  Time commitment aside, it was the most fun hanging out in the kitchen together ♥  She even made me a wonderful tomato, avocado and Swiss on sourdough for lunch.  I got a quick taste of the stuffing at the end and now I’m extra excited for Thanksgiving!


I went straight from my parents’ to yoga, then finally back home.  We made another Plated meal for dinner — Smoky Salmon Salad with Everything Spice Croutons and Caper-Dijon Vinaigrette — and it was another winner!  I mostly love that we own these recipes now and can re-make them even without the subscription.  Guys, we finally finished Deadwood — I really liked the show even though I was confused about what they were saying through all that Shakespearean language 50% of the time — and rolled right into the movie.  It’s like watching a season where they’ve digitally aged all of the characters, except it’s not digital.  I like it so far, but we’ll see how it ends.

This week: book club, possible snow, lunch with my dad and… I’M SEEING LITTLE WOMEN!!!!  Excited does not begin to describe how I feel.  Our book club got advanced tickets and I feel so lucky to be going.  I will report back, but until then, please have a wonderful week 🙂

Friday Thoughts & Little Women

On our drive to work Joey asked me, “are you going to watch the inauguration?”  And you know what?  No, I don’t think I am.  Struggling real hard with watching and reading everything so that I can be an informed critic and not reacting with anger and disgust.  Let me know if you have the answers on that one, because I sure don’t.

In other news: new John Mayer out today!  Friday!  Fun weekend plans!  Lots of people posting Thank Yous to the Obamas ♥  But what I really wanna talk about right now is Little Women, in both it’s book and film versions.


I finished the book last week and on Tuesday, I forced asked Joey to watch the 1994 version of the movie with me.  He kept saying stuff like “the 1949 version is on Netflix and the 1933 version is on Amazon” and my response was “WINONA OR BUST!”

I could probably go on and on and on and on about how much I loved the book.  How Louisa May Alcott’s writing was playful and entertaining but also chock full of wisdom and life lessons that I think stand the test of time.  I mean, it’s a classic for a reason.  The way she created those four sisters with their own paths and personalities was so incredible to me.

Not gonna lie, I was heartbroken when Beth died and inconsolable when Jo and Laurie didn’t end up together.  I know books don’t always end nice and neat the way you want them to, but I really really wanted this one to.  I would not have been mad at that predictability at all.

As for the movie, I definitely liked it, but I just liked the book so much more.  Christian Bale just rubs me (and Meg and Jo and Amy…) the wrong way.  But I will say I adored Winona as Jo and Susan Sarandon as Marmee.

In conclusion, here’s to the O.G. feminist, Jo March and to Louisa May Alcott for creating her.  It was 1968 and she was writing about a woman who was more interested in becoming a writer than getting married.  And at the same time, about a character that wanted to be a devoted wife and mother, because there’s nothing wrong with that life either.  Hell yeah to that!