Weekend Things

This weekend was good all around, but here are the highlights!



  • Joey and I introduced Steve and Adam to the ChoLon soup dumpling and it’s official — that’s the single greatest thing I’ve ever eaten!¬† Doughnuts with Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream for dessert, obviously ūüôā
  • Convinced Joey to watch¬†Moonstruck¬†because he’d never seen it and this is unacceptable.¬† Cher is such a boss and that final scene is truly amazing!
  • Rockies won!



  • Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes¬†— please don’t judge my caramelized banana slices, I know they look semi-gross
  • Cleaning the whole house like real true adults and not actually minding it because teamwork makes the dream work
  • Spending $100+ on fresh groceries then, uh… going out to dinner.¬† Illegal Pete’s forever!¬† I ate way too many chips and washed it down with a margarita
  • SNL¬†and doggy cuddles to end the night¬†‚ô•



  • Ran 5 miles for the first time in a long time and it felt wonderful!
  • Drank iced coffee and finished Season 4 of¬†Parks and Recreation
  • Cooked chickpeas in the pressure cooker and made lunch salads
  • Walked myself to Base Coat for a bright blue pedi, silently celebrated another Rockies win!
  • Read in the backyard
  • Cooked an amazing dinner (details to come!) and surprised Joey with a Molten Chocolate Cake for dessert¬†‚ô•

How was your weekend??

Weekend Things

Real Talk: On Friday, I told Joey that I was¬†waffling back and forth between feeling irritable and melancholy or charged and joyous. ¬†I want to blame a new season, or maybe the moon? ¬†Or, maybe I’m just always like this and I’m just really noticing it right now. ¬†If you are an even tempered person living life at a steady pace of emotions, please consider yourself very lucky. ¬†The emotionally sensitive life ain’t easy!

All mood swings aside, this weekend was blissfully low key. ¬†I’ve got a post-work commitment every single day this week and while it’s all fun stuff I want to go to, I know, come Friday,¬†I might need some serious introvert time. ¬†So while I didn’t plan for the weekend to be so relaxed, I think it was kismet considering the busier week ahead.


Friday was my little sister’s birthday and we celebrated at La Loma with Happy Hour margs, fajitas on the fluffiest fresh-made tortillas and, of course, ALL THE CHIPS AND SALSA. ¬†I made my sister pose for this picture outside and then we all pretty much ran to our cars because it was windy and cold in downtown Denver. ¬†April weather is as moody as I’ve been ūüôā

P.S. Weird how my sister turned 25, but I continue to think of us both as younger than that.


Sometimes you gotta have a pep talk with your body that goes something like “look, let’s sleep in tomorrow, okay?” ¬†I still woke up at 6:45 on Saturday but managed to fall back asleep till 8:30. ¬†YES! ¬†Upon finally getting out of bed, I made us waffles. ¬†Was feeling so antsy while I made them — as in “WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG?? ¬†I JUST WANT MY WAFFLE!” antsy — but once this crispy syrupy beauty was on my plate and I was sipping coffee and watching Katie Lee make a really good-looking roasted chicken¬†I forgot all about how long it took to get to that point.


I had a 1 o’clock massage scheduled with my mom, but I was majorly early so I¬†decided to take a little walk down memory lane, aka park in the neighborhood I grew up in and walk the little path to the park I spent SO MUCH time at growing up. ¬†Old town Louisville might be busier, with newer restaurants and re-built houses, but this part of town seemed completely untouched. ¬†I even peeped my old backyard and missed it so much! ¬†Anyway, back to my massage. ¬†Mom¬†brought me back those little pins from her trip to NOLA and I love them SO MUCH. ¬†Gonna pin them on my jean jacket probably!

Almost squeezed in a trip to the grocery store afterwards but decided to just relax before the Rockies game instead. ¬†We almost never go to Saturday night games but they start earlier than Friday games and once we were back home, in our pajamas, planted comfortably on the couch by 9:30, we were wondering why we don’t go to Saturday games more often. ¬†For the record, the weather was nicer than we’d expected and we won! ¬†In conclusion, Saturday was sort of perfect.


Sunday started with another 5-miler, cept Joey joined me this time and got to enjoy me setting our blazing pace of 10:30/mile ūüôā ¬†Afterwards, we cleaned ourselves up and headed to breakfast at Onefold. ¬†I love that place (and that burrito!) so much, but dear lord, that thing is messier and messier every time I go. ¬†I swear it was once a hand-held breakfast but now it’s unquestionably a knife and fork situation. ¬†Life’s hard when you have high expectations and a zero tolerance policy to change.

Grocery, laundry, lunch prep, backyard reading/sun-soaking/napping ensued post-breakfast and then we made one of our favorite warm weather dinners (Green Mexican Rice with Corn¬†+ Fried Plantains) and pretended it’s not going to be cold, rainy and maybe even snowy (NOOOOO!) later on this¬†week. ¬†How was your weekend?