February Follow-Up and March Goals

Also known as “the post where I make a bunch of excuses.”

1. Start going through my French book

Does getting through 5 pages and a couple conjugation exercises count as “start going through?”  I say yes!  But in March I hope to make it through the entire first chapter.  It’s only 13 pages long anyways.

2. Lift 2x/week.

A+!  I win!  But really, I think I decided I hate lifting.  I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but the only thing that hurts after I lift is the crook of my elbow and my wrists.  Follow up goal for March will be to do push ups twice a week.  Maybe the old-fashioned workout is the best.

3. Realize when I’m in a bad mood and make a concentrated effort to get out of it.

Hi, it’s me happy Lauren.  I won’t say I was in a good mood every minute of every day this month (who was?) but overall, I had a pretty positive month.  Turns out when you stop focusing so intently on being happy, it’s much easier to just be happy.

As for our joint goals…

1. Cut back on the amount of time we spend on our phones.

HA HA!  Nuff said.

2. Joey does the meal planning for two weeks.

This actually went really well!  It was surprisingly easy and pretty enjoyable to give up total control of our meal plan.  I was back to planning again this week but I’m asking Joey to take over the duties again this upcoming week.


As for March, we each have some personal goals that involve reading books and other boring things, but our joint goal for the month is to not eat out!


Which clearly meant I had to take advantage of our last day to go out and get Cold Stone.  Froyo is good and all but sometimes real deal, creamy, full fat, full dairy ice cream is where it’s at.

Believe it or not, we just thought this would be a fun challenge for the both of us to do together.  Plus it’ll be a big money saver.  I will say that we’re going to visit Joey’s grandparents in Arizona this month and probably won’t be able to avoid going out while we’re there (I’m not about to pack a weeks worth of food in my suitcase), but we’re letting that slide.  The point isn’t to punish ourselves, after all.  And it’s only a month.  Should be easy, right?


Was February a good month for you?

Ice cream or froyo?

Could you go an entire month without eating out?

February Goals


Last Thursday, as Joey and I dug into our lunch at Chipotle (seriously, how much better is Chipotle after a 3 week hiatus from eating it?!), I suggested we make some goals for the month.

To which Joey said, “I think I’m doing pretty good in life, so I’ll pass.” He’s no fun. But I gave him “the look” and 5 minutes later we were busy brainstorming.

I decided my goals would be to 1. Start going through my French book. I bought one a couple weeks ago so I could reacquaint myself with the language. I took 5 years of it in school, but never took it seriously and now I so wish I spoke another language. 2. Lift 2x/week. I’ve been “lifting” for years but only half heartedly and recently, only as a way to say I worked out without actually feeling like I worked out. If you’re thinking that sounds like a waste of time, it’s because it is. I’ve been taking it more seriously in the past couple of weeks and it feels really good! 3. Realize when I’m in a bad mood and make a concentrated effort to get out of it. You know, instead of just stewing in my own crankiness.

Joey had a couple solo goals too, but we’re most excited for our joint goals. 1. Cut back on the amount of time we spend on our phones. For me, being on my phone is actually an addiction. I get sucked in SO easily and so often and it’s definitely a bad habit I’m looking to break. 2. Joey does the meal planning for two weeks. I have serious control issues when it comes to the food we eat and generally anything that goes on in our kitchen. I have a mini panic attack every time I watch Joey cook. Like a “oh my god, I just cleaned that stove and now it’s covered in diced onions!!!!” panic attack. Joey on the other hand, never contributes to the meal planning and feels like he should. I think this’ll be good for both of us.  I think there was a third goal but I’m drawing a blank…

I’m usually not the type to make a list of goals, but for some reason I felt motivated to try it.  They’re not anything crazy and who knows if they’ll carry on past February.  All I know is that after our lunchtime brainstorming session, I felt seriously rejuvenated.  Or maybe that was just the Chipotle.

There’s nothing wrong with starting out the month with some good intentions, right?


Do you ever make monthly/weekly/yearly/etc. goals?

Is there something you get controlling about?

What’s your favorite thing to get at Chipotle?