Weekend Things

It’s Monday and I’d like to wish a very Happy Birthday to my dad, who is turning 70 today!  It’s also Oscar Nomination Day and I’d like to wish a not happy day to the Academy who didn’t nominate JLo, Greta Gerwig, Awkwafina or Adam Sandler.  Now, let me tell you about the weekend!


As movie season winds down, I think we’re going to find ourselves at home more often on Friday nights, beginning with this one.  We queued up The Report basically as soon as we got home (Adam Driver is great as always and I was HORRIFIED to see those torture scenes, it’s an important story albeit not the most enjoyable one), then moved on to Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot, which stars Joaquin Phoenix as an alcoholic paraplegic who joins AA with Jonah Hill as his sponsor.  Joey fell asleep halfway through but not before we enjoyed this homemade ice cream.  Peanut Butter, banana, honey flavor is majorly good!


Woke up Saturday morning and made buttermilk pancakes (the best!!), then finished our movie and I mostly liked it but REALLY loved Jonah Hill in it ♥  Not a fan of watching movies in two parts though, so no more of that please.  Afterward, I drove to not one, not two, but three different grocery stores looking for extra ripe bananas to make banana bread with.  Turns out people will comment when they see you picking out “bad” bananas.  I finally sort of succeeded (still had to use the oven trick) then came home to a watch dog and some afternoon baking.  I made this Almond Flour Banana Bread,which is gluten-free and dairy-free and WHOA, it turned out so good!!!  This might be my new go-to despite the fact that I’m neither gluten nor dairy-free!


Date Night!  We had tickets to the Nuggets game and decided to hit up a new restaurant beforehand.  We debated then landed on Woodie Fisher which is inside an old Fire Station so it looks extra cool on the outside, but as it turns out, it’s beautiful on the inside too!  We had amazing service and we LOVED the food, but it was EMPTY in there so please take this as encouragement to go try it out, Denverites!  The Nuggets lost 😦 and it was Western Night 😦 but they did parade a mini horse around and Joey made a Little Sebastian reference, so all was not lost.


Sunday was a busy day!  First up, family breakfast for my dad’s birthday.  Joey went to Huckleberry to grab us both a coffee and then we did a drive by coffee exchange through our car windows, ha!  Breakfast was not long enough for me because I had to rush out for a haircut I’d previously scheduled and it all made me feel a bit frantic, to be honest.  Post-haircut, we headed to Grant and Kelsey’s Sprinkle for Baby #2!


Back at home, we finished lunch salads, I finished my book (I didn’t feel like I completely understood the ending and yet, I didn’t care enough to want to completely understand the ending…) then made “Fish and Chips” for dinner and watched Atonement, because it’s a Saoirse world and we’re all just living in it!  I have so so so many older movies to catch up on and yet, they are sometimes hard to watch because they just don’t look great.  I was really distracted during the first half of this movie by how harsh the sunlight was!  Did it really look like that when it came out in 2007??  Anyway, by the end, I’d decided I rather liked it!  Andi wasn’t very helpful in choosing a new book, but he sure did look cute ♥

How was your weekend??

Oscar Weekend Things



About time, right?!  I’m just gonna picture Leo doing that Wolf of Wall Street dance (you know the one) for the rest of the day.  It’s crazy, I wait for the Oscars all winter and still somehow managed to forget to print our at-home ballots this year.  THE HORROR.  Don’t worry, my sister bailed me out by letting me use her printer on Saturday.  Joey beat me by two points and I’m blaming Mad Max for destroying my entire ballot.  I’m obviously excited for a Leo win but how bout Brie Larson, Alicia Vikander and Spotlight?  Cheers all around!



Rewinding back to Friday, we busted out of work early and headed to The Crafty Fox — which just opened down the street from us — before hockey festivities commenced.  Denver hosted the outdoor hockey game NHL Stadium Series game this year at Coors Field, so we had the alumni game on Friday and the regular game on Saturday.  I’m special and managed to get a cold just in time for back to back nights sitting outside…

I was really excited for 60 beers on tap and pizza, but service at The Crafty Fox was PAINFULLY slow.  I get that it just opened, but when you’re the only table there, shouldn’t your server have plenty of time to keep your glass filled?  Oy.


Becca and I were mad that we came prepared for cold weather — sock layers, coats, gloves, hand warmers even! — and then it was pleasantly warm all night.  The Avs alumni team ended up winning so I guess that’s exciting?  The real highlight of the night was that the men’s bathroom line was insanely long, while the women’s bathroom didn’t even have a line.  IS THIS REAL?  In the words of Becca: “A win for women!”  I was feeling mixed emotions about being at a crowded Coors Field.  I was in my place, but those were not my people.  Opening Day, please come soon.


I woke up Saturday with a headache and was like “is this a cold or a hangover?!”  I hate being sick.  We did that whole pancakes and coffee thing that I am LOVING lately and then I did that thing where I’ve had caffeine and it makes me want to clean.  You know when you’re just gonna wash the dishes, but then the sink looks dirty so you clean that, but then you notice the floors are gross so you figure you’ll just clean those too and then three hours have gone by and you’re on your hands and knees cleaning your baseboards?  Yeah, me neither…

The Avs ended up losing and the wind was not my (or the fake snow’s) friend but the game was still fun.  No joke, Adam & Co. won the 50/50 raffle!  They drew the winning number during the game and I was looking around the stadium to see if anyone was cheering and go figure that the winners were sitting right next to us.



Joey and I were both in the Sunday zone yesterday!  We went to breakfast — and the Oscar for best breakfast burrito and orange juice definitely goes to Onefold — then hit the grocery store before splitting up to do our own things.  Mine involved salad-in-a-jar prep, vegan banana mini muffin-making and granola-baking.  Meanwhile, Joey was doing laundry, taking my tire to get patched and cleaning stuff up in our backyard.  We’re going to dive into some gardening back there this year and I’m nervous-excited!


At 4:00, I took myself to yoga and was really kicking myself for not spending any time outside.  It was a GORGEOUS day!  My class was really good and I flipped my dog to my heart’s content.  Came home and kinda helped but mostly stood around while Joey finished dinner, then I assembled our plates so we could sit down just as the Oscars were starting.  We made Jeff Mauro’s Beet Burgers and were big fans, though I think I would rather have had something goat cheesy than the citrus-caper aioli.


Now that the Oscars are over I probably have nothing to live for.  Except maybe Spring weather, Denver Restaurant Week, the anticipation of baseball season, cast iron pan pizza, vacation planning, and okay never mind, life is good 🙂

Happy Monday!