December Memory-a-Day

Saturday, December 1st: Being at a social gathering and feeling no rush to leave, which honestly isn’t usually the case.

Sunday, December 2nd: Standing in front of the open but still running dryer (obviously, it’s broken…) with Joey and reaching our hands in to catch pairs of pants as they spun around in there.

Monday, December 3rd: Seeing Andi’s empty bed and the empty couch (his two usual resting spots) then seeing a dog-shaped lump under the comforter on our already-made bed ūüėõ

Tuesday, December 4th: Walking back to the car after dinner at Dio Mio and saying “I finally got to eat those beer-battered squash rings and I’m so happy!!!”

Wednesday, December 5th: Getting a message from my cousin that she poured eggnog in her coffee that morning too! ‚ô•

Thursday, December 6th: Having lunch with my dad and admitting (to myself mostly) that I had a cold.

Friday, December 7th: Listening to Binge Mode: Harry Potter¬†on our way to work and deciding what our “identity verification questions” would be ūüėõ

Saturday, December 8th: Really burning my mouth on a piece of fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza, that I couldn’t wait to cool down.

Sunday, December 9th: Petting the softest little puppy at Betsy and Jory’s “Pregger Kegger” (HA!).

Monday, December 10th: Running on the treadmill and maybe watching the Christmas episode of Arthur instead of the news.

Tuesday, December 11th: Remembering to put my hair up in a ponytail before going out in the wind for a walk.

Wednesday, December 12th: Giving my sister a big hug goodbye after she, Wayne, Joey and I had dinner and went Christmas light looking together ‚ô•

Thursday, December 13th: Listening to a really good Barry Jenkins interview.

Friday, December 14th: Laughing really hard at the “I think, if we’re going to destroy our son’s delusions, I should be a part of it!” line in The Santa Clause.

Saturday, December 15th: Getting texts from both parents about how much they loved the restaurant and movie I recommended for their anniversary date ‚ô•

Sunday, December 16th: Wheeling my chair (as I sat in it) through the house, back to our “office” and only once rolling in the wrong direction because our 100+ year old house, is NOT level.

Monday, December 17th: Letting out the tiniest of laughs, while running on the treadmill, listening to a podcast about¬†Mary Poppins Returns¬†when someone referred to Mary Poppins fans as “Poppiners.”

Tuesday, December 18th: Leaving book club, new read in hand and a chorus of “Merry Christmas!” in my ears.

Wednesday, December 19th: Typing “dumplings” into the Yelp search bar.

Thursday, December 20th: Making cranberry sauce for Christmas and maybe portioning out a little bit to keep for myself.

Friday, December 21st: Joey describing the wings we had ordered as smelling like our dog…

Saturday, December 22nd: Dipping a piece of a giant pretzel into some horseradish cheese sauce.

Sunday, December 23rd: Sitting on the couch, watching¬†Love Actually, when Joey randomly handed me a puzzle piece that was just a guy’s face, ha!

Monday, December 24th: Watching the trailer for the live action¬†Dumbo¬†and trying to prevent that thing where I burst into spontaneous tears when I hear “Baby of Mine.”

Tuesday, December 25th: Standing in my father-in-law’s kitchen, coffee cup in hand, husband by my side, Christmas movie playing in the background and feeling just so so happy.

Wednesday, December 26th: Texting Joey to say “I’m running a teense late…” before leaving for work on the day after Christmas, bleh.

Thursday, December 27th: Eating a cookie my mom made and packed me a little container of ‚ô•

Friday, December 28th: Reading Barack Obama’s list of favorite songs, movies and books from 2018 and really wishing we still had this intelligent, thoughtful and kind man as our president.

Saturday, December 29th: Eating the last half of a donut that was still on the table before leaving brunch. Someone had to!

Sunday, December 30th: Walking down a very dark, very long set of stairs, on my way out of yoga.

Monday, December 31st: Buying a bag of black-eyed peas for good luck in the new year!

Weekend Things: So Long, July!

It’s Monday, it’s August and it feels like the freshest of starts!¬† I’m¬†welcoming August with open arms, because¬†after all the celebrations of July, this feels like the month to slow down and be more mindful about what we really want to fit in during this last full month of summer.

Before July ended, it gave us one last¬†jam-packed weekend and though I never felt like I was in one place for¬†long enough, I kind of liked seeing so much of¬†Colorado — from Boulder, to¬†the mountains, and back to Denver again — in such a short amount of time.¬† I¬†adore this beautiful state of mine.



We ditched work early on Friday and headed to The Med for my mom’s birthday dinner.¬† My love-hate relationship with Boulder is a complicated one, but my relationship with The Med is all love.¬† Sangria for¬†Mom and I, plus a smattering of tapas for the whole table.¬† I think my favorites were the shrimp and bacon-wrapped dates.



After dinner, we strolled the Pearl Street Mall, indulged our inner child at Into the Wind (it’s a toy-store, for those of you who didn’t spend most your childhood in Boulder) and caught sight of this lovely evening sky.¬† Later in the night, the most incredible cloud manifested and I saw no less than¬†five pictures of it on the internet.


We had a two and a half hour drive into the mountains on Saturday morning, but first things first: BREAKFAST BURRITOS!¬† No joke, I rode my bike to our favorite little place, filled my basket with burritos, then rode back home.¬† Joey thought this was the funniest thing ever, but it seemed legit to me.¬† Also, Adam called this “the best breakfast burrito he’s ever had” and I felt like my life goals were accomplished.



Joey’s family has a cabin in Hartsel, Colorado and I didn’t even know that was a place but I was excited nonetheless.¬† Here’s the thing about cabins in the mountains… they are PERFECT!¬† It was so dead quiet up there, in a way that appealed to my introvertedness so hard.¬† I love that it feels so right to just relax, sit in silence, read a book, sip a beer, take a nap.¬† Which is what everyone did!¬† Oh, plus Frisbee golf and a 2,000-piece puzzle that we came nowhere near finishing.





We celebrated July birthdays — I know, I know, I’m as ready to put my birthday to rest as you all probably are — and I introduced my family-in-law to¬†the Whole Foods Chantilly cake.¬† I think it was a life-changing experience for everyone ūüôā¬† Also, the most incredible sunset views!¬† Ugh, I just can’t even get over the beauty that is Colorado.¬† The drive home was mostly about listening to Third Eye Blind, Music from The O.C. and… Click Five.¬† Don’t ask…


Sunday morning, I half-heartedly joined Joey for a run (he’s training for the RnR half) then ditched out to pick us up iced coffee.¬† Later that afternoon, I joined my mom and niece for a “girls’ day!”¬† We took her back-to-school clothes shopping and it was like re-living my childhood all over again.¬† Meaning, my mom did that thing where she’d leave the dressing room to exchange sizes, then return with five¬†new things ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•¬† We also took her school supply shopping and I kinda wanted to buy some for myself.¬† Anyway, above is Belle’s favorite outfit from our shopping trip.¬† She COULD HARDLY WAIT to get back to my parents’ to put it on.¬† Too cute!




Back at home, I was greeted by these¬†backyard string lights that Joey started hanging while I was gone.¬† I proceeded to fall in love with them and obsessively take pictures at different points of darkness.¬† We’ve got one more strand to hang, but I’m SO EXCITED about how they look.¬† Also, please note our flourishing garden boxes in that first picture.¬† Our back yard is my favorite right now!


We made these Seared Cod with Potato and Chorizo Hobo Packs (is that PC??) for dinner and though I was insanely excited to try the recipe and we spent $7 and way too much time locating that chorizo, they didn’t turn out the best.¬† As in the potato skins¬†were a little crispy and the chorizo was straight char.¬† I know, because I put¬†a piece¬†in my mouth then had to get up and spit it out in our yard…¬† The cod also completely fell apart¬†but all was not lost because the Pumpkin-Seed Lime Butter we put on top was DELICIOUS!

So long, July and HELLO, August!