Checking In

Hi, long time no talk.  Wow, I did not plan to take a break from the blog but my normal weekend things post writing time came and I discovered I had very little to report.  And I seem to have forgotten how to take pictures of anything but my dog sleeping in different places in our house.  So how are you??

Are you surviving?  Are you staying healthy and are you staying the fuck home??  In the absence of anything else to do, I am funneling my energy into being angry at people who aren’t taking this seriously.  Even this extreme introvert does not want to stay locked in her house forever so please don’t see your family (even though they’re your family and you miss them) and please don’t go to Home Depot so you can complete a project or be out golfing or hanging out in public parks with your friends.  Sheesh.

Please tell me how you’ve been passing your time.  I will tell you I’ve watched three seasons of Sex and the City, completely caught up on Schitt’s Creek, of course watched Tiger King and something like 15 movies.  I have not read nearly enough!   We’ve been walking the pup and this past weekend was nice enough to pull out the patio furniture, thank god!!  We also celebrated Joey’s birthday to the best of our ability.  It was going to be Rockies Opening Day this year 😦  Still, Lori delivered Los Arcos for lunch and we ordered Hop Alley for dinner and indulged in a $20 movie rental.  Never Rarely Sometimes Always was so so heart-wrenching and good!

We also went under contract on a house a couple of weeks ago!!!  What a strange time to be buying a house, but here we are.  This was actually a house I looked at on my own while Joey was briefly in Vegas what feels like years ago, but was really less than a month ago.  I actually really liked the house but felt like the kitchen might be a bit small and the price a bit too high.  However, we heard from the selling realtor that they had had THIRTY showings and ZERO offers so we decided it might be a good opportunity to swoop in with a lower offer.  It worked!  We are so very excited to have found something move-in ready, in our budget and in our neighborhood.  We are, however, going from one to four bathrooms, which sounded amazing until we realized we have to clean all those bathrooms 😛

Okay, I think I hit all the important notes.  I really hope you are all hanging in there.  I feel very lucky to still be working from home and to not be living alone, but I know not everyone is in the same boat and I am sending you my well wishes.  Sometimes I forget Joey is an extrovert.  This weekend was a true struggle for him 😦  Stay safe, everyone!


Weekend Things

I was thinking about compromise this weekend.

Oddly enough, I also just turned on a episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is thinking about the same thing.  We’re so alike.  Except that in that episode she gives in to Aidan and goes with him to his cabin and I’ve yet to give in to that request.  And except that I would break an ankle if I wore any of the shoes she owns.

I won’t even pretend to be any kind of relationship expert.  I legitimately fear that one day Joey will come to his senses, realize how whiney, dramatic and demanding I am and move on, but I do know one thing, and that’s that in any successful relationship there has to be compromise.

This means giving in and just watching a scary movie spoof instead of an actual scary movie if your girlfriend is a big baby not into scary movies.

It means one of you carves mouths and one of you draws eyes.

It means giving in and going up to Blackhawk if your boyfriend really wants you to, even if the whole gambling thing is sort of lost on you.

It means waking up before the sun to eat breakfast with your boyfriend’s grandparents even if sleep sounds really really good.

It means sharing the oven when one of you want to bake pumpkin seeds and the other wants to bake cookies.

It means one of you does the laundry while the other does the dishes.  And taking turns unloading the dishwasher, because that’s clearly the worst housekeeping job.

It means giving up the TV for the Cowboys game even though your Sunday Sex and the City marathon is on.

It’s listening to Fantasy Football talk or a recap of a conversation between your mother, your sister and yourself, without complaint, even if you truly and honestly don’t care.

It means eating brussel sprouts and sweet potatoes when you’d probably prefer ice cream with a side of American cheese and beer.

At least we can agree on a few things.

This fish was delicious.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a great movie.  Voting is important.  The weekend is never long enough!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!