Spring Break in Arizona by iPhone


Pre-flight libations.  


Note the remaining time.  And this was about 6 hours into downloading Argo.  We still haven’t watched it.


First stop in Arizona.  Naturally.


Our rental car was a mini van.  Joey is now convinced that this will be his next car.


Saturday night dinner.  Mushroom pizza, salad with a million croutons and beer.


World Baseball Classic.  Italy vs. USA.  ‘Merica pulled out the win!


Joey and his family take pickleball very seriously.


Rockies Spring Training game with my friend and Arizona resident Zach.  The Rockies did not even care that it was my first Spring Training game and decided to lose. 


Hiking in the desert.  


See that rock in the very top right corner?  Yeah we climbed up there.


Literally the happiest I’ve ever seen Joey look.


Green Chili Chicken Burgers on the grill for Joey’s brother, cousin and grandparents.  Burgers were a hit, but we may or may not have burnt those brawts to a crisp.  Oops.


Realized the Nuggets were also in town and paid $45 each to sit in the nosebleeds.  Fun!


Intense Shuffleboard tournament.  I can’t wait to be retired. 


First In-N-Out burger (I only got a chocolate shake on our first trip there).  Complete with fries and a Coke.  I was underwhelmed by the food but overjoyed at how much cleaner/more professional it was than any other fast food place I’ve ever been to.


Till next time, AZ!

Weekly Highlights

Can I just say, for the record, that I really did try to come up with a less vague/more exciting/better themed title for this post. But it’s Friday, I have a stupid little cold that’s sucking out all my energy and I’m leaving on vacation today, so a random list of happenings from the week is all I could muster up.


We had thee weirdest weather on Monday.

Like dumping big wet snowflakes until about 3 PM, when the sun came out and melted everything and then it was like it never even snowed. Truly bizarre.

I love Nuggets games.

And not because I love basketball or can even name 5 people on the team (I could maybe name 3…) but because it’s indoors and the Pepsi Center always smells like delicious popcorn and it only costs us $10 each to enjoy such fun in some pretty good seats. Win!


I’ve accidentally been on a burger binge.

Red Robin this past weekend, Indian-Spiced Chicken Burgers on Tuesday and Falafel Burgers on Thursday. I am totally fine with this, especially since it simultaneously means I get to be on an English muffin binge.


We got new workout machines in my apartment complex this week.

A new elliptical and a new treadmill to be exact. I would be more excited but I was not feeling the workout thing this week. I think I went in and half heartedly ellipticalled for 20 minutes a total of two times, never even broke a sweat and called it quits. Like I said, no energy.  I did, however take a glorious post-work walk yesterday.  Walks are the best.


I am shamelessly addicted to Snapchat.

I only exchange pictures with like 3 people, but for some reason sending embarrassing pictures of myself to those 3 people without the fear of it coming back to haunt me is so fun.

I discovered the “Sweet Sounds of the 60’s” station this week and LOVE it.

I grew up exclusively listening to oldies with my parents. I remember being outed in 4th grade when I didn’t know any of the popular artists. So embarrassing. But now I’m proud of my 60’s music tastes.


I discovered this week that my lips do not like my egg shaped chapsticks.

All summer my lips felt super dry and had these tiny bumps on them and no amount of chapstick would help. For no reason in particular, I forgot about the egg then I randomly started using it again this week and my lips are dry and bumpy again! Totally sucks, because they are cute and bright, oh and because I have a million.


We’re leaving for Arizona today and I am so excited!

I’m crossing my fingers for warm weather, sunshine and some good baseball games.

Is it weird that I’m sad to leave our beer all by itself while we’re on vacation?

Don’t answer that.

Happy Friday!