Weekend Things

Happy Monday from a snowy Colorado!  Since we were gone for such a big chunk of October, I feel like I’m mentally a month behind.  They started playing Christmas music on our local radio station this weekend and it caught me totally by surprise.  Snow?  Christmas music?  Holiday specials on Food Network?  I guess we’re here already!


Friday night, we saw The Lighthouse at the Alamo and let me just tell you this movie is insane.  It’s a two-hander between Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson, playing a lighthouse keeper and his assistant and… their descent into insanity?  It was so bizarre and wacky and I found it wildly entertaining.  I don’t think Joey is sure how he feels about it but I loved it!


Saturday started with pancakes (these, except I left the pear out) and an episode of The Kitchen, but then I sat on the couch and read for hours!  I recently realized our book club was meeting a week earlier than I thought and that the book was a lot longer than I expected, so I needed to put some work in on it and I definitely did.  Helps that I really like it so far!  Later on, I headed into Louisville to get a facial and even got to say hi to my mom beforehand ♥


That night we had tickets to see Ray Lamontagne at the Paramount and can I get a hell yeah for a Saturday night concert?!  Those weekday ones are so brutal.  Beforehand, we grabbed dinner at Corinne.  They had a burger, chicken tenders and lobster mac and cheese on the menu, so Joey was IN.  I wasn’t feeling super into it, but then I was really impressed with the atmosphere, the service and the food.  Joey went with the chicken tenders, in case you were wondering 😛

Ray has the most interesting voice!  It’s somehow both gravely and smooth?  I don’t know how he does it, but he sounded great and the whole show was acoustic so it sounded extra beautiful.  That being said, a dark theater and a soothing sound was making me very sleepy at times!


Sunday breakfast with this sweet boy and his parents!  Hannah and I got together at the end of August, but the five of us hadn’t been altogether since July and that is unacceptable!  I love seeing that little family and I can hardly believe Mason is just about to turn two.  When did this happen??  He gave me the sweetest little hug before we all dispersed ♥


Joey went to watch football after breakfast, so I used the alone time to make lunch salads for the week and… you guessed it, READ!  Is this how people read more than I do?  They stop watching TV and movies and scrolling Twitter and just actually read?  I also went to yoga for the first time since September!!!  Felt so nice and my shoulders are only slightly mad today.

For dinner, we made a Buttermilk-Marinated Roast Chicken and guys… SO GOOD!  I saw Samin Nosrat make one on Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat and have been meaning to make it ever since.  I’m so glad I finally got around to it!  Besides the forethought required to marinate it a day in advance, it was wildly easy to make and so moist and flavorful.  Try it out!  We also made Glazed Beets with Creme Fraiche and Pistachios (except I used Greek yogurt instead of creme fraiche) on the side and we loved it!

Please tell me what you did this weekend 🙂

Thanksgiving 2016 Recipe Review

This morning, Joey was toasting up one of these leftover rolls for breakfast and I realized I hadn’t finished this post yet!  Also, would you readers be offended if I confessed that this post is more for me than for you, so that when next Thanksgiving rolls around (no pun intended), I remember what we liked, what we didn’t and any tweaks we made to any of the recipes we used?

I’m starting to think my mom will never be ready to bequeath hosting duties to me, but if she ever is, I think I’ll have the whole Thanksgiving timeline/prep/recipe juggling thing down to a T.


Good Old American White Rolls

Word to the wise: do not cover these fluffy little rolls with a lid while they sleep in the fridge overnight because they will stick to said lid and end up all dumpling looking on top, hence the picture from last year.  Oh well, they don’t have to look perfect to taste perfect.  My mom approved and at one point, I looked up to see my sister ladling gravy over her last bite, so I’ll take that as a good sign 🙂  I just pop these in the fridge after the first rise/roll-shaping then do the second rise/baking on Thursday morning.  Works like a charm.


Sweet Potato Casserole

Warning: this is sweet.  Like candy sweet.  I even cut back on the sugar (3/4 cup to 1/2 cup, but next time I might even cut it back to 1/4 cup) but it’s also really delicious!  We’ve been making some version of sweet potato casserole since 2010 but I think this is our favorite.  That pecan topping really seals the deal, if you ask me.

Skillet Green Bean Casserole 

I think we may have defeated the purpose by pouring this into a glass casserole dish, but the thought of lugging around that heavy fire-hot cast iron dish was not appealing.  I gotta give Joey complete credit for this (though I guess I did blanch the green beans) and I think it’s another keeper!  Easy to make, tastes amazing and involves cheese.  What more can you ask for?  We cut back on the amount of parsley in the topping because it was a little overwhelming and it turned out perfect.  Also, we ended up making a second batch after deciding it didn’t look like enough for seven people (& leftovers!).  This was an excellent decision.

Braised Brussels Sprouts with Cider and Bacon 

I love all things Brussels but I don’t know if this necessarily blew me away.  But, if you wash and cut these ahead of time and DON’T accidentally make them with apple cider vinegar instead of apple cider, then these cook up fairly fast and require minimal hands on effort.  I always cook Brussels sprout recipes longer than instructed because I like em just a tad softer than crisp and this recipe was no exception.

Cauliflower and Leek Gratin

I made this on Friday for the Thanksgiving Potluck my brother and sister-in-law hosted and even though it was lukewarm (at best) by the time I got it there, I still think it went over well.  Or it did with my sister at least 🙂


Salted-Butter Apple Galette

Love a galette!  So much more forgiving than a pie, ya know?  I made the dough Sunday, finished the galette Tuesday then wrapped it real tight till Thursday.  I think it’s the combo of brown salted butter, vanilla bean flecks, pretty red apple slices (I used Honeycrisps), crystallized sugar on the crust and a good dollop of maple whipped cream that makes this so good.  For the record, I only got two rows to fit on mine instead of the four shown in the picture and I used dark brown sugar for the apples and cane sugar for the crust.  Recipe rules are meant to be broken sometimes.

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Does your family stick to the classics every year or do they change it up?

Do you have a good recipe to share?  (Christmas is still coming!)