Weekend Things

What a weekend!  We had our company holiday party, picked up our KBCO Studio C CDs, cried a billion times during Waves and watched more TV than movies?!  Who are we!


No photos from our company holiday party (the first ever!) but just know there was pizza, ping pong and perhaps too many glasses of cider for some of us.  Others of us were getting up at 6 AM the next morning and managed to exercise some self control 😛  KBCO Studio C!  We picked my mom and Wayne up and had breakfast before jumping in line to grab our CDs and I really love this tradition and this CD ♥  For a while, I had to talk my mom into continuing this tradition, but in recent years, her enthusiasm seems refreshed and I’m so thankful because I love spending this time with her!


After dropping my mom and Wayne back off, we decided to just hit up a 10 AM movie.  We’d seen the trailer for Waves and I’d heard good things, but for the most part, we did not know what to expect.  Which means I was fully unprepared for how devastatingly sad it was.  JUST YIKES.  I cried an astounding number of times.  Afterward, we went to lunch at HOJA and just stared at the table in silence.  “I can’t believe we’ll never be happy again,” is a real thing Joey said.  It’s good, but man is it heavy.


Back at home, we made puppy dog treats, finished watching Season 2 of Barry (I told Joey I liked but didn’t love this show but it got really good halfway through Season 2, so I might revise my assessment), made beet wellingtons for dinner, started the new season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and just barely made it through the beginning of SNL before I decided I was too exhausted to carry on.


Sunday started with pancakes and then Joey left to watch football, so I chilled real hard and also had time to make salads for the week.  Basically as soon as he got home, I left to go to yoga and when I got back we made French Onion Soup for dinner and watched more Mrs. Maisel.  I just want to look and dress like Midge, okay??  Please tell me what fun things you did this weekend! 🙂

Christmas Lights

Not long ago, I used to assemble a group of people to drive around and look at Christmas lights with.  Some years we’d need a mini van to fit us all and other years it would be a smaller group.  Sometimes I’d bring cookies, sometimes we’d pick up holiday drinks from Starbucks before heading out.  We’d see houses that were so done up you needed to get out of the car and really take it all in or houses that you’d show up to only to find the owners had already turned everything off for the night.  But no matter what, we would always have fun.

I guess I don’t really remember when or why we stopped this yearly tradition, but in a way that is VERY unlike me, I don’t remember being sad or upset about it ending.  This year, we sort of brought it back.  But like a very low maintenance version.  As in, it was just Joey and I, I spent all of 5 minutes looking up the best houses and more time was spent just driving through the surrounding neighborhoods than actually staying “on course.”


Our two favorite houses ended up being ones we just happened upon, go figure!  I took an Instagram video of the very best one and totally forgot to take an actual picture, unless you count this selfie of Joey and I looking like we’re about to audition for Wicked. 

This year’s impromptu outing suddenly jogged my memory and I had an “oh yeah, we used to do this all the time!” moment where I briefly thought back on all the other times I’d gone Christmas light looking.  But for once, I didn’t feel that anxious longing to bring back the tradition, and instead spent a happy minute remembering all those previous years before jumping back into the experience I was having right then.  Feels good to know I maybe am capable of having a healthy relationship with holiday traditions and actually can (and will) be okay letting them come and go as they please.

In other news, I’m going to see Christmas Vacation at a movie theater tonight and I’m sort of crazy excited about it.  Wishing you all a happy weekend!