A First Trimester Recap

Before I start this post, I want to say that if you are not in the right head space to read a post about someone else’s pregnancy, please don’t.  Just click out.  Lord knows I wasn’t for an entire year, so I get it.  What I will tell you instead it that when we had been trying for about a year, I had an appointment with my regular doctor for a routine physical and when I told her we might be facing some infertility she told me she’d been through it too and that her best advice was to have a good support system.  I told my mom and my sister and my best friend that week and she was right, so you do the same ♥

We found out the day before Valentine’s Day (the happiest Valentine’s Day ever, to be honest!).  The bad part about having an IUI and doctors watching over the outcome is that you can’t really put off finding out the results.  I took a home pregnancy test and even though Joey and I had promised to wait and look together, I could see that second pink line pop up even as I basically ran out of the bathroom.  To be honest, I had already talked myself out of having any luck on our first try so even though we were both teary-eyed with happiness, the biggest emotion I felt was still disbelief.  The good part about getting pregnant at a fertility clinic is that they monitor you a lot earlier and a lot closer.  Which means I had bloodwork to confirm the pregnancy done that day, plus two days later and an ultrasound at both seven and nine weeks, where we got to both see and hear the baby.  All of those appointments are so nerve-wracking but also so truly amazing and magical ♥

We told all our parents and siblings on Valentine’s Day — you can only stall so long when they know the exact day that you’ll find out the results — and yes, both mothers were all tears 🙂  Also, we got to tell Hannah and Josh about a week after and guys, I can’t make this up, my best friend and I are pregnant together!

I’m out of the woods of the first trimester now, but all in all it wasn’t horrible.  Around Week 7, I started to feel really tired.  Like debilitatingly tired.  I was only in the office for a couple of weeks before things with COVID-19 got scary and I started working from home so I only had to struggle through a few days of desperately needing but not being able to take a nap at my desk, but from then until what feels like three weeks ago, Joey was doing EVERYTHING for us.  I didn’t help cook, I didn’t help clean the house, I didn’t wash a single dish and I went to bed at 8 PM.  My guilt was at an all time high, but gosh I’m so thankful for him!  There were only a couple of times where I was actually sick but I had food aversion to so many things and they changed on a daily basis.  Oh and I completely stopped working out.  You hear about those people who stay active through their entire pregnancy but um, that was not me.

Joey continues to make me pose for a weekly photo and now that I’m starting to have something to show, it’s okay but during the first trimester, when I was tired and would have to change out of my pajamas, I basically acted like it was the worst thing to ever happen to me.  Never not dramatic, this one 😛  Okay, I think that’s about all I have to report.  I’m feeling much more myself in this second trimester, so that should be a more fun post 🙂

Weekend Things

Hi and how was your Valentine’s weekend??  Ours started with a house viewing, included three movies at home and ended with buffalo chicken tacos, so I am not complaining!


We saw a BEAUTIFUL house on Friday and it even had this J+L sign in the backyard!!!  We put in a really strong offer, but we didn’t get it 😦 so the search continues!


I had made us a dinner reservation at Annette (we’ve been for brunch, but never for dinner) and though it was good, I was sort of put off by how small the “share” plates were and how long the gap between our first two dishes and our entree was.  We contemplated dessert, but decided to ditch out and head to Sweet Cow for ice cream instead ♥


Saturday started with chocolate chip pumpkin pancakes and later on, I had a manicure.  I’ve basically spent a lifetime having manicurists chastise me for not taking better care of my cuticles and it takes all my patience not to be like “YES, I KNOW!”  Anyway, my color is called Terra and I’m loving it!  We also maybe looked at four houses, but none of them were “the one.”


Back at home, we watched The Host — now that Parasite has won Best Picture, we must watch all Bong Joon-Ho’s other movies, though we can’t find Memories of Murder anywhere!! — and I thought it was great!  I’m just saying, that movie came out in 2006 and that CGI monster really holds up, plus that ending duel scene was pretty badass.  After that, we ate leftover soup and watched The Departed.  Leo was amazing, Matt Damon’s Boston accent is truly what I live for and I did not see that ending coming, but sort of feels like Martin Scorsese makes movies for and about men, you know?


Sunday started at a very busy Onefold — I won’t subject you to another photo of their breakfast burrito 😛 — and then we jumped right into our Sunday chores, including salads for the week and I made granola and roasted a beet (for beet brioche burger buns later this week!) while Joey did laundry and worked for a bit.  I hit up yoga later on and then we made Buffalo Chicken Tacos (from a recipe my sister gave me ♥) and watched Mother.  I thought Kim Hye-ja, who played the titular character was AMAZING!!!  We only have Snowpiercer and Okja left!

Please tell me what you did this weekend, I’d love to hear 🙂