Weekend Things

I was in my happy place this weekend.

And my happy place is somewhere between hanging out in that Denver dining scene, sipping a lavender almond milk latte, getting a long massage, taking a sunshiny walk, buying a pair of skinny jeans that fit like a glove, eating a home cooked meal and breathing in the smell of those bright purple blossoms while on a run through my neighborhood.

But let’s not talk about those Rockies games.  That was not my happy place.


Remember last Monday when I was like “I need a break from eating out.”  HA HA!  By Thursday I was more like “If I don’t go enjoy a fun restaurant meal, I will die!”  Okay, maybe that’s dramatic but what’s the fun of living in close proximity to so many good places to eat if you’re not taking advantage of them?


If you willingly (and expectantly) wait 90 minutes for a seat at a restaurant it’s because you know the food is going to be that good.  And Work & Class’s food is that good.  Those creamed greens were my favorite.  And for the record, of course we ordered dessert.


And what’s the fun of living in close proximity to so many cute/quirky/cozy coffee shops if you aren’t going to take advantage of them?


I’ll take a lavender latte and a cheesy egg sandwich on the plate your grandma used to have, please.


And up those crooked-y stairs, a cozy little room perfect for hiding away and reading a book.


Please tell me you get this reference.


The Holy Grail!  Remember when I said I couldn’t find lavender honey??  Snatched this tiny jar up as fast as I could.  It’s on, Tuesday Morning Toast!


I guess there was some miscommunication between my mom and I so when I showed up for my massage she had no idea I was coming in.  As luck would have it though, she had come into the office early and didn’t have anyone scheduled.  YES!


I don’t even know what else we did on Saturday but I think it probably involved taking a walk to 7-Eleven for a Slurpee (Joey, not me!) that turned into a longer walk around our neighborhood because it’s spring and I’ll take any excuse to take a long walk.  Oh and burgers for dinner because: again, it’s spring!


On Sunday, post-zucchini pancakes (that I might not have cooked fully…) and post-run, we headed out to do some shopping.  I have no idea why Joey wanted to come with me considering he just wanted to find the nearest chair to sit on in every store, but whatever, I was glad for some company.  P.S. I tried on all the pastels.


And later that night, huddled around the frittata we had just pulled out of the oven.

It looked good but it was actually kind of bland.  Especially for having that much cheese.

IMG_7720Sunday’s for Mad Men and Old Fashioneds.  I’m working on acquiring that taste for cocktails.  I think I waited till it got watered down by that melting ice cube, then drank half, ate the cherry and passed it off to Joey.  That’s how Don Draper drinks his too, right?

This week: My little sister’s birthday!  Lotsa Rockies games!  Fish taco eating!  So I think I’ll be in my happy place for the rest of the week if you don’t mind.

Confessions Part III


I ate bratwurst 5 days in a row.

Starting with our Memorial Day BBQ and then my mom accidentally left all the extras in my fridge so I felt it was my duty to not let them go to waste!  Part of me was like, “bratwurst is probably a sometimes food” and the other part of me was like “EAT ALL THE BRATWURST!”  And I liked that part better.

Red nails make life more fun.

Nuff said.

I bought the new Coldplay CD and it kind of bores me.

I don’t really know that much Coldplay apart from anything that plays on the radio but I love “Magic” so much and was so desperate for new music that I figured why not and now I kind of regret it…

Sometimes I don’t brush my hair.

I’ve been doing this thing with my hair lately — let’s call it “going au naturel,” instead of what it really is… not brushing it in the morning.  Our house doesn’t have AC and just the thought of blow drying my hair makes me sweat.

We cooked a dinner made of extremely expired foods when I got back from Santa Fe.

We knew the veggies were on the old side, but figured they’d be fine.  So we chopped beets, radishes and asparagus then grilled them all (I was uber excited for the first batch of grilled veggies this year!) then mixed up a quick dressing and piled it all atop some salad greens aaaaaaand, blech!!!!  There was also some questionably old cheese involved.  Never again.  Ever.

Fasting gives me serious anxiety.

Coinciding with the above mentioned expired dinner debacle, was a pre-blood work fast.  I think I barely managed to throw a random hummus wrap together before my fast was supposed to start.  And then I spent the rest of the night thinking about food.  I guess I don’t like being told when I can and can’t eat, ha!

I’m not that impressed with Mad Men.

We started watching about a month ago — I wanted to be caught up so I could watch the second part of the final season in real time — and I… just… don’t find it that great.  It’s not bad, but I wouldn’t say it’s worthy of all the praise it gets.  Maybe I’ll change my mind by the end?

I’m obsessed with walking

Now that it’s all warm and delicious outside, I’ve been making a point to get out of my office and take a quick stroll a couple times a day.  I look forward to those walks all day!

Wedding timelines suck!

Before we ordered our invitations we decided we should probably plan out our wedding day — because you probably can’t change the ceremony time after it’s been printed, right? — and it turned out to be a lot harder than I’d thought.  There’s just SO MUCH to fit into one day!  Or so it seems when you write it all out in detail.  The good news is that we figured it all out and now I’m mega excited!  Who can I designate to keep us on schedule that day?…

100 Happy Days

I’m sure you’ve seen that hashtag floating around the web.  The idea is you snap a picture of something that made you happy for 100 days in a row.  I’d been thinking of starting it and when I told Joey he told me we were exactly 100 days out from our wedding so it was meant to be!  I don’t think I’ll have a hard time finding something to be happy about from now until September 6th 🙂

I’m bad with Roman Numerals.

Or just numbers in general.  In other words, I’m starting to regret using RN for my confessions posts…


Share a confession… or two… or three 😛