Weekend Things

As soon as it hits 4 PM on Friday, my attitude does a complete 180.

Maybe it’s the time of year, or the fact that my eyes are finally open to how much I love being out and about in Colorado, or because I loathe the work week, but lately, I’m just so happy during the weekend. Like annoyingly happy. And it’s not like I even do anything exciting, just little things that make me happy.

Like a home-cooked meal.

Toasted Sesame Ginger Salmon, roasted carrots, orzo.

And not to brag, but that’s a damn nice plate presentation right there. <;— bragging. We also watched Rango, which is actually pretty good.

Like waking up early on Saturday morning and dragging Joey out of bed to go to breakfast.

Must. Resist.

Perfectly frothy chai.

Drinking horseradish for breakfast is normal, right?

Swanky breakfast potpie? Yes please!

The Vermonter: blueberry pancakes, streusel, lavender whipped butter and blueberry maple syrup. No words.

I love Snooze, but rarely go because it’s so darn crowded every weekend. I woke up at the ungodly hour of 5:48 (exactly) on Saturday morning, forced myself to go back to bed and had a dream we went to Snooze. Clearly my dream was a premonition and obviously when I woke back up at 7, we had to go.

Turns out if you go early enough, you get seated right away.

And as you can see, there’s a reason it’s always busy. Bloody Mary, hot chai, flaky puff pastry, fruit-infused syrup, oh my.

Like forgetting there’s a giant bike race in Boulder that has every other street closed and parking lots charging $30.

Oh wait…

Like what was probably my last hike of the season.

Life pondering is best done on top of a mountain.

Like seeing these kinds of things on the way out of Boulder.

Please note that that bicyclist’s seat is higher than those cars.

Like the 5th Element at the Boulder Outdoor Cinema.

Yes, that is really the outfit my mom wore to keep her feet warm.

Have you seen the 5th Element? Have you seen it recently? I hadn’t, so it was a total shock of horrendous plot and neon-clad Bruce Willis awesomeness. And Chris Tucker’s character is classic! The Filthy Children put on a great little concert before the show and I was so excited when they did a cover of Valerie, one of my all-time favorite songs. Such a cute little Boulder tradition. I can’t believe they do this every Saturday, every summer and this is the only time I’ve ever been.

Like spending Sunday with my best friend.

I just accidentally typed “beast friend.”

Neon sunglasses for our Color Me Rad race next month.

We shopped, gossiped, ate pizza and determined that sangria is acceptable at any time of the day. You know, normal best friend things.

Oh and I bought these obnoxious rings, instead of the Sperrys I really wanted.

I’ll try my best to carry my weekend enthusiasm into the work week, but no promises.


Happy (Weekend) Lauren

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