This Week I…

Gave two weeks notice at work.

I could devote an entire post to this topic but I imagine it would be extremely boring, so I’ll give you the bullet point version.  Minus any actual bullet points.  I hate my current  job and there’s an opening at Joey’s office.  Honestly, I know I should be happy to move on, but for some reason, I don’t feel that happy about it.  I just feel like I’m moving from job to job without actually going anywhere.

Had to come to terms with the fact that football season has begun.

I sat next to this on Wednesday night.  And in case you can’t tell what “this” is.  It’s a Dallas Cowboys zombie.  There shall be no intelligent conversations, or really any conversations at all during this time.  Anything I say will be in one ear and out the other.  Majorly boring.

Annoyed Joey by having a phone conversation with my mom during the Cowboys game.

She told me a story about how my dad was at Whole Foods trying to choose between two rotisserie chickens, when a man walked up, took one of the chickens and it ended up being one chicken in a mirror.  

Commenced operation “Eat a bag of peaches before summer ends, or mold starts.”

Was reminded that the work week should always be four days long.

Took a walk and realized how perfect dusk is.

Treated myself to a weeknight mani/pedi.  

Because I could.  You know what takes all the fun out of a mani/pedi?  Knowing that the mani/pedicurist is tired and just wants to go home.

Realized I’ve been spending too much time on my phone.

Gave in and cracked open a can of pumpkin.

And made an amazing pumpkin pizza dough.  You can’t actually taste a difference but pumpkin has the tendency to make things fluff up.  I’m all for fluffy pizza dough.

 Daydreamed about it being the weekend.
It’s finally here!  Go enjoy yourselves.