Weekend Things

This weekend I…

Treated myself to a green smoothie and a giant not-so-green muffin.

While sitting next to a man who was on the phone telling someone else about yet another person who “hasn’t dreamed in 10 years.”  Which I find so odd because I have multiple, very vivid dreams every.single.night.

Saw Argo.

I thought it was really good.  Spoiler Alert: Ben Affleck looks good with a serious beard.  And I saw about 5 really promising-looking movie previews. 

Spent too much money on seasonal candles (again).

One of them might just be called “Merry Mistletoe.”  Too soon?

Drove all the way into Boulder to eat at Mod Market (again).

Help me.  And I got the same exact meal combo (half Fall Cobb salad, half Cashew Butternut soup) that I’ve had the past 3 times I’ve gone.  Really, help me.  Sadly the salad was not at it’s best.

Laughed SO hard at this book while standing inside Barnes and Noble.

Joey actually had to close it and lead me away to the real literature.  But I googled the book later and relived the humor in the privacy of my own home.

Woke up at 6:30 AM on Sunday.

What’s the point of “falling back” if you wake up extra early?  This should not be allowed.

Ate brown butter banana waffles and remembered why we almost never make waffles.

Not because they weren’t delicious (because they absolutely were!) and not because it was too much work (because I sat on the couch and did nothing to help), but because they took Joey seriously two hours to make.  I think those two trips to the grocery store may have been the cause.  I’m grateful to have someone make me breakfast regardless of how long it takes, though.

Returned the favor and cooked Joey a special dinner.

I rarely make shrimp paprika but when I do it’s… well, special.  Special because it involves shrimp, homemade dumplings and a creamy paprika sauce that we both licked from our plates.  And special for me because I got to be in the kitchen instead of watching the Cowboys game.  Yay!

I was kind of in a funk this weekend (and apparently barely took any pictures) but I’m ready to turn it around and start fresh.  That’s the only good thing about Mondays, right?


Complete the sentence: “This weekend I…”

What did you do with your extra hour yesterday?

Do you dream often?