November Photo-a-Day

Happy Friday, can I bombard you with some questions?

Are you on Instagram? Have you seen this monthly photo-a-day thing people are doing? Are you dreading the day Instagram goes out of style and you have to go back to taking ugly unfiltered pictures?

No? Just me on that last one?

Back to the photo-a-day thing. Every month, the author behind the Fat Mum Slim blog puts out the monthly challenge list and social media outlets are flooded with interpretations of the theme of the day. I’d never done it before but came across the November list and thought it’d be fun.

Turns out it was. I realized the pictures basically showed a roundup of my my life and the little things that maybe don’t get mentioned on the blog (or maybe things that already get mentioned too much…) and I had fun looking at everyone else’s interpretation of the theme.

Since I only shared the pictures on Instagram, I thought I’d shove them all into one post here, for your voyeuristic pleasure. And now I promise to stop talking already.


Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!