Give Thanks

I think a lot.

Often, I think too much.

I think about ways in which my life could be different, or “better.” How I could have done this instead that, or vice versa and how I could be somewhere different than where I am today.

But when I get wrapped up thinking about these kinds of things, I miss all the greatness around me. I focus on what I don’t have and end up missing all the things I do. Amazing parents who love me unconditionally, a boyfriend who doesn’t run when I’m being my crazy high-maintenance self, a sister who can both challenge me and finish my sentences, a job where no one yells at me, a reliable car, a roof over my head, friends who have stuck by my side no matter what, family who may live across the county but who feel so close, my health and the health of those I love, plus so so many little things that make me genuinely happy.

Every day, but tomorrow especially, I hope you stop worrying and just be grateful. For all that you have and all the amazing people that are part of your life. That’s what I’ll be doing.

Happy Thanksgiving!