Lessons from Les Mis

les mis main

Contrary to popular belief, French people actually all have English accents.

If you waste time eating sushi at Hapa and arrive 10 minutes late to a popular movie, on Friday, during winter, when there’s nothing better to do than see a movie, you will have to sit in the 3rd row.

If you sit in the 3rd row of a movie theater during a 3 hour-long movie, you will start to feel like you have the neck and back of an 80-year old and wonder what the actual 80-year old sitting two seats away feels like.

The length of the French Revolution is equivalent to what a 3 hour-long movie feels like. Which is a million years.

Helena Bonham Carter actually CANNOT pass up the opportunity to play a weird English woman with a cockney accent.

If you remove Anne Hathaway’s hair, her neck grows 3 sizes.

If you’re sitting next to two girls who talk through the entire movie and who stop trying to keep quiet halfway through, the death stare in totally warranted.

Sasha Baron Cohen is funnier when he’s not trying to be ridiculous than when he is.

Russel Crowe is physically incapable of smiling.

The sun never shines in France.

If two characters are crawling through the sewer and are covered in human waste, it is not a good time to be having a laugh attack.

It is perfectly acceptable to sing all conversations and to insert Les Mis songs into every day life. Example: I tweeted a tweet in times gone byyyyyy.


(If that picture doesn’t make you laugh, you aren’t human.)


Have you seen/read/heard/performed in Les Mis?

Do you have a favorite musical?

Have you ever had to sit in the front section of the movie theater?

2 thoughts on “Lessons from Les Mis

  1. I hate sitting near the front in movie theaters. Not just because you have to crane your neck, but I have this weird feeling that everyone behind me is staring at me. Which they aren’t, lol. I’ve seen les miserables the musical and read the book, so I really want to see the movie! I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

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