Catching Up

What day is it?

And what month is it?

And the holidays are actually over, right?

Between Thanksgiving, our trip to Jamaica, Christmas and New Year’s, any semblance of a normal, schedule-driven, eventless life has ceased to exist for me.  Instead there has been movies, dinners out, shows, shopping, more family gatherings than I can remember and more dessert than I care to admit.  I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of glad it’s the second week of January, where things slow down and I can go back to living normal life for a little bit.


But check back with me in a week when my cookie supply has finally run out and I’ll probably be missing the holiday craziness again.

Since Christmas, I have seen six movies.  Three of which were this weekend.  Help!  I don’t think there’s even anything left to see, except maybe Lincoln and despite all the good press, I really don’t want to see that one.  Books have also been read, TV shows have been finished (Breaking Bad, why would you leave us hanging like that until July?!), beer has been brewed and Christmas presents have been unwrapped and enjoyed.










In other words, life has been busy and lots of the things I wanted to write about, I haven’t had time for.  I’m hoping to have the time now to go back and write about those things.  Even though they may no longer be relevant or fresh in my mind or of interest to anyone but myself 🙂  But hey, that’s okay.


Do you feel like life has been busier than usual?

What have you all been busy with lately?

Please tell me you’ve been living at the movie theater too!

3 thoughts on “Catching Up

  1. I’m jealous of your movie going. Zach and I haven’t been to a movie since, um, Dark Knight I think? And we’re itching to go. Too bad we’d be looked down upon if we brought a baby in 😉

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