10 Tips for the Aspiring Blogger

1. Test it out before spending any money.

It’s SO easy to get a free blog. Feel free to check out all the different blogging platforms, choose one you like, then give it (and your blog) some time before shelling out any space upgrade or domain buying money.

2. Be real.

As a experienced reader of blogs, I would much rather tune into someone’s site if I feel like they are a real person with a real life that I can relate to. Being open and honest is the best blogging policy.

3. Choose quality over quantity.

This took me a few years to figure out. It means I would rather write one or two posts that I actually put a lot of thought, effort and editing into than posting 5 days a week just to keep a reader’s interest. And it means I would rather use one good picture than 10 crapy rushed ones.  Or, you know, zero pictures…

4. Your blog is what you make it.

It used to be a big deal how many comments I had or views I got, but at some point I realized that my blog is really for me. I love and welcome any conversation that may occur, but for me, it’s more about having a space to organize my thoughts and empty my brain. I know my family and friends read and I know it makes me happy to write. And that’s enough for me.

5. That being said, blogging can be a great way to build a community of like-minded people.

It can be an amazing way to find people all over who have similar interests, passions, problems and fears. And that can be a very comforting and helpful thing.

6. Find a good system.

And I mean that in the vaguest way possible. If you work best on a schedule, go for it. If you like to work from a coffee shop, make time and do it. If you want to find another program to write through instead of your blogging dashboard, take some time to find it. If you don’t have a Mac, might I suggest Windows Live Writer? (I miss you WLW!) Honestly, I write a lot of posts from my phone (I have the WordPress app). When the urge to write hits, I’m not always at home with access to my computer. It works for me.

7.  Put some thought into your blog title.

Because changing it further down the road would be a pain.  And because the name of your blog is important!  And because it will help you figure out the focus of your blog.  It can be as specific or as vague as you want the content of your site to be.  And yeah, you probably want to like your blog name.

8. Edit your posts!

I cringe when I look back at old (and maybe recent) posts of mine and see all kinds of typos and misspellings.  No one wants to read/view your work if it looks like you didn’t take the time to really look at it yourself.

9. Think long and hard about why you want to start a blog.

Remind yourself often and don’t lose sight of that reason.

10. And finally, don’t take any blog-writing advice from anyone with a small time blog and no real blogging authority.


Do you have a blogging tip for a new blogger?

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