St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Things

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Right now, I am so full of corned beef and cabbage, green beer and marbled cheesecake brownies that I don’t think I can move from my couch.  Good thing blogging requires me to do just that; sit on the couch and not move.  Other than eating too much green and Irish food, I can’t say my St. Patrick’s Day hasn’t been too wild or crazy.  It’s actually been more productive than anything.  Checking things off my to-do list left and right.

Celebrate the arrival of a new Cooking Light magazine by reading it cover to cover.  Check!


Who else is excited for fresh spring food?

Have a successful driving lesson.  Check!

Confession: I can’t drive stick.  Which I feel is such a basic skill and something I should know how to do.  Especially since Joey drives a stick shift and if I ever had to I wouldn’t be able to drive us in it.  I only drove around the neighborhood, but I actually did pretty good.  The real test is when someone is behind me — pressure is on then.

Watch Beetlejuice because a certain someone has never seen it.  Check!


Dayo, daaaaaayo.  I hadn’t seen this movie in years but 1. Alec Baldwin is so young! 2. What happened to Michael Keaton?  He is awesome in this movie! 3. What is with the plot of this movie?  It is so all over the place!  Okay, enough exclamation points.

Finish up some vacation reading.  Check!


I had no idea The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was a short story.  I never liked the movie, but I have newfound appreciation for it, now that I’ve read the original.  Whoever came up with the storyline for that film really had to expand from what Fitzgerald gave them.  I just wish they had expanded it quite so much.  Longest movie ever.

See a late night 3D Imax movie for $16 a piece.  Check!

Movie prices these days are crazy!  Oz (or whatever it’s called) wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t really worth that much money either.

Refill our super sad and empty fridge.  Check!


If only beer was food, huh?

File my taxes.

My mom likes to baby me and has always done it for me (I swear I really did try to do it myself last year and she took over!) but I actually sat down and did it start to finish all by myself this year.  Turns out it’s super easy and it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Bottle beer #4.  Check!


We’re slowly but surely getting a handle on the brewing/bottling thing and basically flew through it on Saturday.  Basically.  It still takes some time and cleaning a carboy that had beer sitting in it for two weeks isn’t on my list of favorite things to do, but that’s why I leave that part to Joey.

Deep clean entire apartment.  Check!

I feel that my hands may never be clean again.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the traditional way.  Check!




Feel super full all night long.  Uh, I think we covered that one.


Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Have you filed your taxes yet?

Can you drive a stick shift?