Happy Things

We’re slooooowly turning the corner into spring weather — which, in Colorado, means snow on Monday and 70 degrees on Friday — and I can almost literally feel my cynical winter heart melting.  I’m so ready to leave winter, cold weather and gray days behind and focus on sunnier, warmer and happier things.

P.S. Sorry about the lack of photos in this post.  I was feeling particularly writer-y and not so iPhone photographer-y.  It happens.

Both Joey and I got promotions this week!

I’m not positive, but I think underneath that “oh my god, I’m so nervous I’m gonna throw up” feeling I have, there’s excitement.  I think I may have mentioned once or twice a bajillion times that I don’t deal well with change.  Read: it scares the hell out of me.  But change is growth and growth is good, so I’m rolling with it.  I am, however, super proud and excited for Joey.  He is gonna rock his new position as Project Manager!

I have beautiful teeth.

I have always hated my teeth but I went in for a regular cleaning at a new office this morning and my dentist just kept telling me how beautiful my teeth were.  I know she meant they were beautiful from a structural perspective as opposed to a cosmetic perspective but whatever, beautiful means beautiful.

John Mayer at Red Rocks tickets have been purchased.

Look, I love John Mayer’s albums (some much more than others…), but there is nothing like seeing him live and there is nothing like a concert at Red Rocks.  There’s also nothing like the stress of purchasing concert tickets on Ticketmaster **holds breath as site searches for tickets** but that’s a different story.

Rockies tickets are in, Opening Day is 3 days away, baseball is back!

The Home Opener is next Friday and I couldn’t be more excited.  And like I said, it’s supposed to be 70 degrees.  Mother Nature doesn’t mess with Opening Day.  Cannot wait for beer, Biker Jim’s and a Rockies win…fingers crossed.

This video.

Okay, so this is so not a happy thing.  In fact, I watched it while eliptical-ing at the gym and was seconds away from having actual tears run down my face.  Jenna Marbles isn’t usually my source for real, serious, profanity-less things, but this video was so relatable and brave and oddly comforting.

This product review page.

I just saw this on another blog and was actually doing the “hold your hand over your own mouth to keep from laughing and scaring your co-workers” thing.  The funniest!

Joey and I are officially CSA members.

After much farm research and number crunching (okay, not really that much), we picked a CSA and get to pick up our first bundle of beautiful fresh veggies staring in May.  I’ve wanted to do this for years and couldn’t be more excited to have finally committed to one.

Vegas is right around the corner.

My baby sister is turning 21 towards the end of April — how did that happen?! — and we are headed to Vegas in May to celebrate.  Joey’s recent trip there and stories about the places he went and things he did has me extra excited (except all that money he lost, that just makes me sad…) so, as you can imagine, I’ve already put together quite the list of things we all need to do when we go.  “Lose a bunch of money” is not on the list.  Any one have any suggestions?

Easter is this weekend.

I wasn’t raised religious, so Easter has always been more about family gatherings and the exchange of Cadbury creme eggs for me.  I’m mostly excited because my family is grilling for Easter on Saturday night and to me this means the kick-off to BBQ season!  And because I am on deviled egg duty for Joey’s family celebration on Sunday and have something fun planned.

It’s the end of March.

And this makes me happy for many many reasons.  Mostly because it’s further from winter and closer to summer, warm weather, baseball, birthdays and generally a time of year that just seems happier to me.  Joey’s birthday is on Wednesday and birthday happiness is infectious.  Or maybe it’s just that I get to indulge in all his birthday dinner outings 🙂

It’s Friday!

And I don’t think that needs further explanation.  Have a Happy Weekend, friends!


What is making you happy today?