2013 Summer Bucket List

Gosh, “Bucket List” makes this post sound morbid, doesn’t it? Anyways, I know it’s not technically summer until the 21st of this month but if you ask me (and I suspect most people would agree), summer already started on Memorial Day. So let the summer bucket listing begin!

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Go vegetarian for one week

Laughable that this used to be a piece of cake to accomplish. I’m totally fine with eating lots more meat than I was a couple years ago (especially during the summer — burgers, brats, hot dogs, oh my), but it would be a fun challenge to see if I could forego meat for one measly week.

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Attend Film on the Rocks

I say I want to go every.single.summer. then somehow it slips my mind and by the time I remember, the movie is sold out and I’m saying “maybe next year?” Not even letting it happen again this time.


Finish all the books on my “Summer Reading List”

I’m going through a serious dry spell in terms of reading. For some reason, Twitter has convinced me that I should spend more time with it at night than with a good book. Wrong, Twitter. You’re wrong. I’ve got 4 books on my list for this summer: The Paris Wife, The Night Circus, Dearie and The Storyteller. Here’s to being a bookworm this summer.


Go to Movie in the Park

They show movies (for free!) on Saturday nights in both Boulder and Denver and the line ups for this year look great! Last summer was actually the first time I’d done this before and I had such a blast. I’m definitely up for it again this year.


Try a new hiking trail

As much as I love love love hiking the Royal Arch in Boulder, I know there’s tons of other equally-beautiful hiking spots in Colorado and I’d love to try a new one this year. Also, totally sad that I have yet to take a single hike yet this year!

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 7.09.44 PM

Go one day without social media

This might be the ultimate summer challenge for me. Help, I’m addicted.


Run a 10K

I’ve been digging the whole run for fun/not training for anything habit I’ve been in for the past couple of years, but after running the Bolder Boulder I’m reminded that 10K’s are a really fun distance. Also, a totally do-able distance without any training. The real challenge will be finding one that doesn’t plant me right in the middle of some kind of summer heat wave.


Bike to work

Joey and I had noble aspirations to get our bikes into working condition this past weekend, but I think a 2.5 hour nap snuck in and there went that plan. I know Joey has ridden his bike to work in the past so I know we can make it. Don’t think it will become a daily (or even weekly) habit, however.


Give my office some personality

Thank goodness I work with a bunch of guys who don’t care about office décor or I would feel really embarrassed about my completely blank walls and utter lack of beauty in my office. I don’t think I have a designer bone in my body so I’m probably talking about something simple like a fun lamp, some flowers and a giant portrait of myself (not!) but that’s better than nothing.


Go to an amusement park

Because nothing’s more summer-y than roller coasters and corndogs, right?


Brew an IPA

Even though I’ve totally come around and am a total beer drinker now, Joey and I still don’t see eye-to-eye on the type of beer. I love anything wheaty and Joey is all over anything hoppy. He loves IPAs and is always hinting that he’s like to brew one. I’ve been successfully skating the subject, but I guess I could take one for the team.


Make/eat s’mores

Every time we drive back to our apartment at night during the summer I can see a few people gathered around the fire pit and think to myself that it looks like the perfect spot to roast s’mores. I would hate to let the s’more making opportunity pass me by again this summer.


Drink a root beer float

Another one of those fleeting summer cravings that I need to give into.

Go to the cabin (and don’t complain :P)

True Story: I’ve never been camping. Roughing it just isn’t my cup of tea. For years Joey has been begging me to go to his uncle’s cabin for a weekend with him and for years I have been saying no and loving that Joey has a short memory and doesn’t remember to bring it up more than once a year, but I think my list of excuses is running out.


What’s on your summer bucket list?

5 thoughts on “2013 Summer Bucket List

  1. Haha I have some of the same things on my list. Reading, camping which always includes smores wi my kiddos, new bike, finding a good family hike, eating tons more veggies due to parents garden, and enjoy childhood favs like malts without guilt. Although now you have me wanting to trade the malt in for a root beer float, lol!!

    • Oooh, access to fresh (free!) veggies is the best! My mom just planted herself a bunch of herbs so I’m hoping I can steal some 🙂 I honestly can’t even tell you what makes a malt different from a milkshake. Enlighten me please!

    • Thank you!! Even though I’ve lived in CO my whole life, I am still in awe of all the beauty 🙂 I think the promise of s’mores might just be enough to convince me to go camping.

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