Weekend Things

I think I could sum up this weekend in one word…productive.  If you wanted me to sum it up in short sentences I could say Friday involved dodging an annoying employee at Home Depot, Saturday involved flushing and re-flushing our new toilet and Sunday involved breakfast and shopping, but productive is just vague enough to avoid saying that I spent a majority of the weekend doing boring homeowner-y stuff.

If your Friday didn’t involve picking out bathroom paint colors, then you probably didn’t have as much fun as I did.  While looking, this guy came up to us to try to talk us into buying whatever it was he was peddling so we got out of it by telling him we’re renters then had to avoid him, lest he should see a toilet in our shopping cart and know that we lied to him.  Also, we celebrated the start to the weekend with a trip to the liquor store for beer and wine.  How cute are these?!


Plus a fancy dinner.  I always forget how quick, easy and delicious salmon is.  I never forget how expensive it is, however.  We tried this recipe and it is a definite keeper.  I could’ve eaten 5 more pieces.  And then been broke for the rest of the year.  Then to top this wild and crazy night off, I fell asleep on the couch at 10 PM… Joey pointed out that I did drink an entire bottle of wine 😛  P.S. Who else is super excited for the return of brussel sprouts?!  Oh, just me on that one?


On Saturday, we slept in, ate breakfast (obsessed with this yogurt-y deliciousness right now!) then dove right into some bathroom remodeling.  We’re swapping out paint, toilet, vanity, sink, mirror and shower curtain to give it a small facelift and it was kind of hectic.  Not that we had any trouble with anything we were doing, it’s just that our bathroom is SO TINY and it’s really hard to have the two of us in there working on it at the same time.  I think we managed yesterday but we’re eventually adding stripes to the walls so both of us are going to need to be in there to get the lines taped.  Joey set our new toilet perfectly and I was impressed.  Is it depressing that these are the kinds of things that excite me lately?


While we waited for the paint to dry, we took a walk over to the neighborhood coffee shop, sipped hot sugary drinks and talked wedding budget.  It’s crazy how many small pieces there are to put together.  When we sat down and listed them all out, it was a little bit shocking.  I think we’re on the same page about almost everything, including that we want to be completely prepared and ready a couple weeks before the wedding so we have absolutely nothing to stress out about during that time.  Are we just dreaming?


Also, I accidentally left my ring at home before we left, so Joey was kind enough to draw me a new one.


After getting the toilet all set up, we sat down to dinner at 9 PM (thank goodness for leftovers) and a movie that’s been in our queue for at least a year.  I actually kind of liked the movie but just before getting into bed I asked what the point of it was and neither of us could come up with an answer.  One thing I do know is that I’m never drinking coffee at 4 PM again if I am hoping to get any sleep.



This morning I fit in a run then met Jenn for breakfast at Watercourse Foods.  We were both kinda shocked to hear they didn’t serve Bloody Marys but we got over it when we saw that mimosas were 2 for 1.  I also asked her to be one of my bridesmaids (she said yes :D), meaning my bridal party is officially set!  Afterwards, I picked up my mom and spent the next four hours at the mall, shopping for a dress for our engagement party next weekend.  I found three I liked at our first stop.  So don’t ask me how we spent another 3 1/2 hours there.  Oh and I replenished my candle supply with some winter-y scents.


Now I’m hiding in our room because the Cowboys/Saints game is on and because this productive weekend has me so dang tired.  Maybe I’m in for another night of falling asleep on the couch?

Happy Sunday!

One thought on “Weekend Things

  1. I just picked up some brussel sprouts last weekend! So excited to roast those babies up tomorrow (yeah, I kinda spent too much time frolicking around the grocery store on Sunday and didn’t give myself enough time for food prep before work…#fail). I seriously need to pick up some of those baby bottles of wine the next time I’m out. I hardly ever have wine unless I’m out because I never have anyone at home to share it with.

    Love the “new” ring! Forget what they say about clarity…black diamonds are all the rage! 😉

    Nice job on knocking out the bathroom remodel! Y’all’s little home is coming together! 😀

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