A Denver Christmas

A just like that, another Christmas has come and gone.  I don’t think I’ll soon forget this one as it was the first in our new house as an engaged couple and because this was the first year I gave in and spent Christmas Eve with Joey’s family.  I know, 6 years later… I swear it had nothing to do with Joey’s family (who are all wonderful) and everything to do with the fact that for as long as I’ve been alive, it’s been just the four of us here in Colorado and it’s been just the four of us at every Christmas so I may have had a hard time letting that tradition go.  Anyways, this year was filled with more laughter, happiness, family and food than I thought possible and as usual, I felt so showered with love that I feel almost speechless.  And because of that, I think I’ll just let the pictures do most of the talking.



This gag gift has been making its way through Joey’s family gift exchange for years and this year, Joey got to be the one to trick a family member into getting it.  His grandpa was the unlucky recipient but he didn’t seem to mind too much.


The Denver City and County Building all gussied up for the holiday.


Christmas morning waffles might be a new tradition in our house.


Followed by me forcing Joey to watch a childhood favorite of mine… A Muppet Christmas Carol.  I think he was only slightly mortified that I sang along to most of it.


Guess who got a hammock for the back yard?!  Is it summer yet?


Post-“Secret” Santa gift exchange serenade, compliments of Jory 🙂


Aaand off to Christmas #2 with my family!


We got my dad two nice bottles of Colorado company tequilas.  He proceeded to serve up margaritas immediately after opening them.  Guess it was a good gift!


We got my mom a better gift than just a picture of us I swear but she not so subtly hinted that she wanted this too.


My sister’s been living iPhone-less for months but I just got a new phone so she “upgraded” to my old one.  I think she was pretty excited to have SnapChat back in her life.


Mom cooked an amazing feast as usual.  Prime rib (gah!), wild rice, brussels and my contribution of a kale salad.  I highly expect Joey to be holding an intervention for my kale salad addiction any day now.


Oh wait, he’s too busy drinking beer from a wine glass.


Only in Colorado.


Salted Caramel Bread Pudding was to die for and put me in a full on food coma.


Today has been another day of food, family and present opening.  Joey’s mom seriously spoiled us rotten.  Then topped it off by taking us all to see Saving Mr. Banks.  I thought it was a very touching movie.  One that I watched from a reclining seat.  It’s the new thing!

Apologies if I seem a little absent this week.  I promise it’s only because my cousin is coming into town tomorrow and we basically have work off until next Thursday so I’ll be soaking up tons more family time (plus some wedding dress shopping!!!) and a lot of fun.  Hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas!

2 thoughts on “A Denver Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas, Lauren!!! Even though I’ve been married for a few years, I STILL don’t like the idea of leaving my family on Christmas, or any holiday for that matter… I hate the feeling that you can only be with your family or your in-laws family at a time…I look forward to being older when people have to come to ME instead! 🙂 Have fun with your cousin and your time off!

    • Merry Christmas to you too! I hate that part of the holiday too 😦 It doesn’t help that most of our family doesn’t have a place big enough to combine celebrations but I guess that’s one reason to look forward to being old, ha ha 😛

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