Mother’s Day at Our House

For Mother’s Day, my mom requested that she be able to work in my “garden.”  To be clear, I don’t actually have a garden.  I have concrete and jungle weeds, but no garden.  I think her plan was to remedy that, but Mother Nature had other plans… like snow.  I guess it was her day too and she can do what she wants?  We opted for a big family breakfast at our house instead.  Turns out we can fit eight people and a table in here 🙂












Joey and I spent a few hours prepping on Saturday, so come Sunday morning, all we had to do was pop a few things in the oven, make coffee and stall while one of the three quiches we made proceeded to take an hour longer to cook than it was supposed to.  Luckily, we’d gotten a head start that morning but seriously, quiche, do you have to be like that?

In addition to quiche, we made a sweet potato hash, a fruit salad and what’s Mother’s Day without Mimosas?  For the record, we barely put a dent in that huge bottle of champagne.  We also drank three pots of coffee, laughed over the card I got for my mom and watched Jory put on a light show with some fun pen thing he brought.  I’ve already asked if he could bring it to our wedding 😛

Several hours later, when everyone had cleared out and all the leftovers had been put away, I felt really proud of our first hosting gig in our own home.  My mom has been hosting family gatherings my whole life and I’d never realized how much work goes into it.  Taking on the responsibility this weekend just made me appreciate her so much more.  I love you, Mom 🙂  And Lori, thanks for making me feel like a part of your family since the moment I met you.  You raised a pretty great son and for that, I’m grateful 🙂

Happy (Snowy) Monday!

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day at Our House

  1. Everything was delicious. Can’t wait for you to take over my Thanksgiving responsibilities — not really! I’m not ready to give that up quite yet. There is a lot that goes into hosting holiday meals but when everyone is gathered around the table, it is so worth it. You did a great job! Now you know why I’m sooo big on prepping before I cook. It’s the key to having everything go smoothly. Thanks for a lovely Mother’s Day.

  2. Thanks for having us over sweetie, it was a special day and one I’m sure that we’ll remember for a long time. You and Joey did a wonderful job

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