Christmas Things

HARRY POTTER WEEKEND!  I mean, Christmas weekend!  Sorry, but some of us may have been binge watching the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family since Friday and no longer know what real life is.  And for some of us, Harry Potter is more than just a silly book/movie series about magic.  It is everything!

But outside of my Harry Potter obsession, Christmas weekend is winding to an end — wah, wah! — and much recap-age is necessary.


Christmas Eve started with breakfast at Sunny’s.  Having an awesome breakfast spot minutes from our house probably ranks among the top ten things that make me happy in life.  I had this bacon-cauliflower-cheddar-egg number and an almond milk latte and all was right in the world.



After breakfast, we got absolutely spoiled by Lori.  She made me this incredibly thoughtful wedding detail display and I could not love it more.  Seriously, it’s amazing.  All of the stationary stuff was such an important part of our wedding so I’m so happy to have it displayed.


We spent the rest of the afternoon at the movie theater, seeing Wild.  I’m not a huge Reese Witherspoon fan and I felt like there were a few holes in the narrative — I’m wondering if they were better addressed in the book? — but I still liked it.  Though the man a few rows back loudly snoring apparently did not…









Christmas Eve dinner at our place was a hit!  We got back from the movie around 3 PM and felt so prepared already that we kept thinking, “what do we do until 6?!”  I don’t know how to function in life without stress.  But come 6 PM, the table was set, the house was clean(ish), the bar was set and we were ready to start the Christmas celebration.  We had so much fun and the food (Mom brought the best appetizers!) and cocktails turned out so good.  Our stew got rave reviews!  We ended the night with dessert and A Muppet Christmas Carol.  Much to Joey’s horror, my entire family loves that movie.




Christmas morning was blissfully lazy.  We opened presents — Joey got me that KALE sweater and I kid you not, I have been living in it ever since — ate pancakes and watched Love Actually.  Twas perfect!







At 2, we made our way over to the Thoutt Christmas celebration where I fed everyone a vegan Caesar without telling them and we did our annual Secret Santa present swap.  I got a set of mini OPI nail polishes from Joey’s aunt and now I regret getting that long lasting shellac manicure last week.

Though my mom suggested canceling our Dorsey Christmas celebration due to snow, I was having none of that so we were there for dinner at 6.  We got spoiled, as usual — new apron, new jacket, cupcake clock and the coolest leggings ever were some of the highlights — and ate well, as usual.  We ended the night with snow and Christmas in Connecticut.  In years passed, I’ve really clung onto old family traditions but this year, I realized Joey and I are our own little family now and it was fun to spend time just the two of us and starting our own traditions 🙂




The rest of the weekend has involved lots of lounging, dinner with Hannah and Josh — they got us those cute little appetizer plates and I kinda want to eat everything off of them — Joey’s high school alumni basketball game and I think I may have mentioned some Harry Potter?

Meanwhile, Joey just called it “Harry Potter and the Dark Hollows” so clearly I’ve taught him nothing.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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