Unplanned Weekend Things

Joey and I weekend differently.  (Yeah, I just used weekend as a verb.)  He’s fine heading into Friday evening without a plan, whereas I’ve pretty much been looking forward to Friday since… uh Monday, so I already have a solid plan of things I want to do.  But this weekend, we had no plans.  No list of things we had to do, or even a list of things we wanted to do.  I was deliberately trying to remain plan-less because sometimes spontaneous decisions are the name of the game.

And because having no plans means your husband can announce over breakfast on Friday that “we should leave work early and go to happy hour again!” and ain’t nothing standing in your way.




Let it be known that not being able to find a happy hour menu on a restaurant’s website is never a good sign.  Because we showed up to Will Call and found out their HH menu is limited to a few beers and there weren’t even any food deals.  Say it isn’t so!  But eh, when that happens, you just order an $8 cocktail and an arepa filled with fajita veggies and melty cheese and forget all about that lame HH menu.  Also, are you seeing those sweet potato fries?


Saturday morning coffee field trip.  Real Question: How do you move from being cordial with your local coffee shop baristas to being that regular whose name they know and drink order they anticipate?  Is there a natural way to announce your name after being a customer for over a year?  P.S. It’s aaaalmost officially full on iced coffee season.


We seriously debated going to Home Depot on Friday after our happy houring was over then decided that was a little more married couple than we’re comfortable with at this stage in our relationship and put it off till Saturday.  Check that new shelf out, man!  And oooh, look at that electrical outlet cover.  Wait, does it look crooked to you too?  That shelf was my vision all along and I love it.  Also, this post should be sponsored by Huckleberry Roasters.


We walked over to our friends’ jewelry and vintage clothing store that afternoon for a little event.  Denver Beer Co. had just dropped off some beer and this tasted perfect on a sunny spring day.  Also, we took some time to check out the footwear on the other men at the event and decided Joey and his Nike running shoes did not fit in.

When we got back home, we were like “what do we do now?”  So we asked Hannah and Josh over for a little BBQ action.  Because there’s nothing like dropping $70 on groceries then deciding you just want a burger and chips for dinner instead.  Beer was consumed, burgers were cooked to that perfect medium rare, outdoor air was breathed and to top it all off, we played old YouTube videos of I Love the 90’s (because everyone should know that show as well as I do!) and laughed our heads off.


Remember when I used to make pancakes every Sunday and hashtag it #PancakeSunday?  Does two weeks in a row mean Pancake Sunday is officially back?  And could the griddle pattern on those yogurt pancakes be any prettier?  Once we were properly fueled with pancakes and coffee and had forced ourselves to get our tax stuff together, I spontaneously announced that I wanted to go on a hike.  Who am I?



An hour later, sandwiches were packed, water bottles were filled and we were at the start of the Chautauqua trail in Boulder.  I mean, we took a 20 minute detour when I accidentally led us in the wrong direction and we were both starving by the time we reached the Royal Arch but we finally made it and that’s all that matters.  Or something.


Ended Sunday with laundry, two episodes of The Wire and this vegan roasted veggie bowl.  Yes, that is a pile of crushed peanuts on top and yes, it was life changing.

Happy Monday!

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