Cabin Weekend

It is crazy to me that for years I passed on the invitation of going to Joey’s family cabin and now, it is truly one of my favorite things to do every summer.  The 360 mountain view, the cool quiet mornings, the friendly hummingbirds zipping around, the non-existent weekend agenda.  It’s all too perfect.

While the basics remain the same year after year — puzzles, reading on the front deck, napping and a Saturday trip to the Moose Caboose for ice cream — each year has its own special moments.  I’ll remember this year as being the one where we actually finished the puzzle before the weekend was over, made the cheesiest grilled pizza, had the most beautiful sunshiny weather (no rain this year!) and had to coax a tiny rat out from INSIDE the grill on Sunday morning…



This hummingbird knocker is legit my favorite part of the cabin. 

I use it every time I go in the front door.  Mostly to annoy Joey 🙂 



Ten points if you can spot the two pieces of wildlife in this picture.





Looked up from the puzzle just in time to see this gorgeous pink and purple sunset.




Joey mixed this up for us before we left, then we packed it with milk and eggs

and I used it to make us pancakes on Saturday and Sunday morning. 




I read this and look, I know it won the Pulitzer, but it was definitely my

least favorite thing I’ve ever read by Hemingway.  I still love him though 🙂




Last night, I asked Joey what his favorite part of our cabin weekend was.  He said it was the pizza.  (Then he backpedaled and said I was his favorite part…) But seriously, I was pretty impressed that we made such a good ‘za in the middle of the mountains, on a grill, and that I didn’t forget to pack any of the necessary pizza-making tools.  All grilled pizza success aside, this weekend was the perfect refresh button.  Filling up on fresh mountain air, quality time with my husband and delicious (mostly) homemade food has me feeling all sorts of rejuvenated and completely happy today.