Peach Cobbler

True Story: On our last night in San Francisco, we ate at a restaurant that our fellow Uber Share passenger suggested to us and it was straight out of a Portlandia skit.  Our appetizer was a deconstructed BLT, all arranged on one side of the plate, which made me cringe so bad.  Joey’s main dish was a deconstructed French Onion Soup that our server finished tableside by pouring the sauce over the plate with a flourish.

Dessert was the chef’s take on guests’ childhood favorites and there was a little blank spot at the bottom of the menu for us to write in our own dessert favorites for future inspiration.  I straight up wrote “Red velvet cake with buttercream frosting — none of that cream cheese business.”  But… I was thisclose to writing Peach Cobbler because I grew up eating it and to this day, summer doesn’t feel right if I haven’t eaten that Mom-made dream dessert.


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