Anniversary Trip: San Francisco Part I

Ah, San Francisco.

Joey and I spent a couple of really rushed days in San Fran (I read somewhere that only tourists call it that but I can’t help it, it’s so much easier!) back in 2010 and we’ve wanted to go back and “do it right” ever since.  This time around we stayed in the Marina District, gave ourselves a full three days (plus two half days) to explore and made a sort of plan.  Sort of in that we made it the day before but better than nothing, right?




We got in before noon, shared an Uber with the most talkative 22-year old ever and checked into our Airbnb, where unbeknownst to me, the owner and Joey had arranged for the most beautiful bouquet of red roses to be waiting.  Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard?  I feel so lucky to be married to that perfect human.

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