Weekend Things: GABF & the End of September

GABF.  Boulder Farmers’ Market.  Changing leaves.  Mountain car rides.  Rockies walk off homerun.  Nine mile run.  Family dinner.  Perfect September weather.

I have a weekend hangover.



I attended my first Great American Beer Festival on Friday night and WHOA.  So much fun!  There’s something about being surrounded by a billion breweries and two billion beer drinkers, sampling craft beers from around the country that makes me feel so complete.  These are my people!



A Joe IPA for Joe.  I couldn’t find a Lauren IPA!

We made pretzel necklaces, drank every type of beer and just had the most awesome time.  The whole experience is kind of overwhelming in the best way possible.  Beer highlights for me included a jalapeño pale ale from Birdsong Brewing, a coffee IPA from Coppertail Brewing, the Zombie Dust IPA from Three Floyds, the Sip of Sunshine from Lawson’s Finest Liquids and a sour called Technicolor Motorhome from Oasis.

I mostly just solidified my love for IPAs but sour beers!  So good!  Who knew?!Read More »