Weekend Things

If I had to sum up our weekend, I’d say it was an 11-miler and lots of lounging


But there was also GORGEOUS weather (I love when it’s summer during fall!), lots of good food, family and re-arranging of my kitchen pantry.  On Friday, we headed over to my parents’ for dinner.  I told my mom I was bringing her a present… Not Your Father’s Root Beer!  Guys!  Have you tried it?!  It’s Root Beer BEER and it’s dangerously good.  Perfect for people who “don’t like beer” (what is that even??) and even those of us who do 🙂


And it’s so good with spicy food.  I had it last week with curry and then my mom made jambalaya and they went together perfectly.  It’s like she knew!  The four of us almost killed the giant bowl of jambalaya, but there was a little bit left in the bowl which Joey volunteered to finish off, just straight from the bowl with the serving spoon.  I married this.


I keep explaining to people that we’re so boring on Friday nights because of that whole half marathon training thing on Saturday mornings and this week was no exception.  My introverted homebody self kinda loves having a legit reason to be home and in bed early on Friday nights.  Our 11-miler went really really well and I felt so proud and excited and happy at the end.  Which is how I expected to feel after ten last week, so that feeling is a week late but I’ll take it.  All that’s left is the actual big 1-3 on Sunday.  I feel so ready!Read More »