First Anniversary Trip: Portland

PORTLAND!  Oh my gosh, Portland.

I can’t think of a better way to impress upon you my excitement for Portland than to tell you that I seriously COULDN’T SLEEP the night before.  Like a kid on Christmas, guys!  Oh and also the fact that I bookmarked the ish out of Bridgetown (<– Portland’s nickname due to the fact that it has SEVEN bridges crossing the Williamette River, which runs through the city).  I mean we only had one full day there and I had about 40 restaurants, coffee shops, parks and donuteries (if that’s not already a word is should be) bookmarked on Yelp, so maybe that was kind of unrealistic but I couldn’t help myself.


We drove in late Wednesday night, let ourselves into our ADORABLE Airbnb apartment, ate a slice each of red velvet cake (priorities, people) and crashed into bed so that we could not sleep all night because of Portland excitement wake up and start exploring Portland right away!  First things first, breakfast!



We hit up Bröder Nord and as soon as we stepped in the door we were hit straight in the face with restaurant décor magic.  We’re talking wooden birdcage structures, bright yellow bar stools, white subway tile, a giant mirror.  It shouldn’t have worked, but it absolutely did.  Then I gently coerced Joey into ordering a Bloody Mary so I could taste it.  I’ll be honest I ordered a baked egg scramble that I mostly dug through to find the pockets of goat cheese in.  It was so unseasoned.  But… Joey’s Lost Eggs were so creamy and flavorful.  So what I’m really trying to say is that Joey won the breakfast round that day (and probably every day).Read More »