The Grain Bowl of Your Dreams


Bon Appétit regularly posts this picture and in what I can only assume is an act of pure cruelty, the link takes you to a recipe for some Turmeric-Tahini dressing and NOT to a recipe for that delectable-looking grain bowl.  Why, Bon Appétit, WHY?  Well last week, I took a closer look at that grain bowl and decided I could probably do it up myself.  And guys, I gotta say, I think I nailed it!


We made this salad the week before (which, for the record, is phenomenal and will be in regular rotation from now on), so we had leftovers of both the lemon dressing and the tahini that came in really handy for said grain bowl.  Basically, it went like this.

  • Cook wild rice and mix it with a few tablespoons of lemon dressing
  • De-rib and finely chop a head of lacinato kale, then massage with lemon dressing
  • Roast two sweet potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper
  • Pan-fry some slices of halloumi cheese
  •  Assemble bowl with rice, kale, sweet potatoes, cheese, a handful of sunflower seeds, a sprinkle of parsley (though next time I’ll use dill) and a generous drizzle of tahini


In other news, an alternate title for this post would be: WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME ABOUT HALLOUMI CHEESE?!  It tastes like Muenster, but saltier and non-melting, so you can actually grill/pan-fry slices of it until golden brown.  I mean, it’s also NOT cheap.  But for special occasions, like a Wednesday night, ya know?  Life as we know it has now changed.

So what do you think, Bon Appétit, am I hired? 🙂