Weekend Things & Gingerbread Reindeer

Ugh, Monday already?  More perfectly snowy and cozy weekend time, please!  We seriously had zero plans this weekend and instead of being all “must schedule in every second of Friday-Sunday!” we decided to just play it all by ear.  Also, there was a 45% chance of snow on Saturday and I was holding out for a good cookie baking and Christmas movie watching day.


This came in the mail late Thursday and was waiting in my office Friday morning.  It smells magical and I was feeling glad to be running late to work because it meant I had packed oatmeal for desk breakfast and could pour some of the vanilla right in.  In other words, Friday was off to a good start!


I had some library books to pick up after work and dragged Joey with me.  All the employees seemed extra friendly and gosh, the library just makes me happy.  Checked out The Paying Guests and The Truth According to Us, in case you were curious.  Then… brewery dinner!  This place was good enough.  We liked the space, the atmosphere and the beer but the pizza was just okay.


I assumed it wasn’t actually going to snow when I woke up to a dry sky (is that a thing?…) but we decided to cozy up with pancakes and The Santa Clause anyway.  Please note that the scene pictured above is when Tim Allen says “You want me to take the toys down the chimney into a strange house, IN MY UNDERWEAR?”  I’ve maybe seen that movie too many times. 


AND THEN IT SNOWED!  Nothing serious but it did seem to come down all day long.  It obviously made us want to break out the cookie baking supplies.  I saw these on Pinterest a month ago and NEEDED to recreate them, they were so cute!  I came across the exact same cookie cutter at TJ Maxx, so it was meant to be.  Oh and the dough had to refrigerate for two hours before we could roll it out so I took myself to the gym, because life’s about balance.


Finished up the cookie decorating later that evening and GUYS, they turned out so cute!  Joey dusted all the antlers with that gold glitter dust and he was SO focused that I had to remind him this was supposed to be fun and he could still speak to me while he decorated.  Too funny!  P.S. We used this cookie recipe and this frosting recipe, both of which get my seal of approval for being straight forward and easy.  Oh and we pasteurized our own eggs for the frosting.  And by “we,” I mean Joey 🙂


Ended the night with real food, aka The Veggie + sweet potato crinkle fries — who knew you could make dairy-free tzatziki with sunflower seeds??  And then we watched A Very Murray Christmas (just don’t) and About Alex (just do!).  It’s a shame New Girl became unbearable because Max Greenfield is such a gem and we loved his character in this movie.  Oh and we even made it through SNL and Chris Hemsworth was surprisingly funny… again!  “Is our friend Claire actually Chris Hemsworth??”


Sunday started with family breakfast in Boulder (those snowy mountains though!!), followed by Christmas shopping with my mom.  We hit Target and the mall and between those two places and the grocery store, I was ready to never see crowds of people ever again.  But in all seriousness, I made some good present progress and got Mom time, so I can’t complain.  Joey and I picked up some beer to do a little “12 Beers of Christmas” countdown with.  This first one was really good!

What did you do this weekend?

(If you celebrate) Are you ready for Christmas?

Have you had any snow yet?

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