Weekend Trip: New Orleans

Back in January, Joey and I resolved to make 2016 the year of the weekend vacation.  Our first stop: NEW ORLEANS! It’s my favorite non-Denver city, my mom was already going to be there, Joey and I hadn’t been there together since October of 2013 and it was going to be crawfish AND snoball season.  In other words, it was a no-brainer!


When you’re in the South, go red or go home // We took the new train to the airport and even though it was snowing and I was in tights, it was still really fun and really easy // Dove headfirst into a plate of fried shrimp after a delayed departure (um the pilots were MIA…) and a fun 40-minutes of sitting on the tarmac, waiting for it to stop storming enough to get off the plane.  Oy!


Emily picked us up for a sugar rush in the form of District Donuts and Vietnamese Iced Coffee // We seriously debated rain booting it at Jazz Fest, but “settled” for crawfish instead // I only impaled myself on a shell once…


It finally stopped raining on Monday so I declared it an epic eating day — had to make up for lost time! // Breakfast at Willa Jean — had a “Milk Money Latte” that tasted like a marshmallow // Made our way to the French Quarter to pose in front of the St. Louis Cathedral // Sniffed a hibiscus and felt lucky to live in a world with flowers. 


Music in the Quarter on a Monday — gosh, I love this city // Molé Cortado from teeny tiny Spitfire Coffee // The Cornstalk Fence Hotel // A much anticipated stop at Erin Rose/Killer PoBoys for mid-day drinks (Joey got his first Sazerac!  I stuck to the frozen Irish Coffee.) and lunch // Gonna dream of that bánh mì-style shrimp po boy for the rest of my life!


Shopped the Riverwalk, walked the river, headed to Magazine street and shopped there too // Bought a “Beignet, done that” shirt that I want to wear every day forever // Waited 40 minutes for a table at Shaya just to eat hummus // Had a religious hummus and pita experience // RUINED for hummus from anywhere else now.


Many hours later, dinner at Cochon // Tried 4 other restaurants before finally finding one with less than an hour and a half wait — New Orleans takes its dining scene seriously on ANY night of the week! // Ham hock, baked mac and cheese, rabbit & dumplings (I couldn’t do it but Joey could), fresh rolls and the best saison // WORTH THE WAIT.


Morning in the Bywater // Breakfast with a pretty kitty // Colorful houses to swoon over // Wandering the St. Roch Market // Big Easy Bucha // Hugging everyone goodbye and wondering how this trip went by so fast 😦  Till next time, Nola!

Where We Ate:

Phil’s Marina Café

District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew

Rivershack Tavern: “Home of the tacky ashtray”

Willa Jean

Erin Rose / Killer PoBoys

Spitfire Coffee



Satsuma Café (the Dauphine location)

St. Roch Market


Sadly, my grandpa passed away on Saturday, so we are home in Denver for a day then flying to Ohio for the funeral.  I wish the occasion was a happier one, but I’m so looking forward to a few days with (the other side of) my family!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Trip: New Orleans

  1. This whole post is a food lover’s dream. *heart eyes emoji* I’m glad you had such an excellent trip! And I love your goal to do weekend vacations. So sorry to hear about your grandfather; I hope your trip to Ohio brings peace for all.

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