A Family Weekend in Ohio

This weekend was bittersweet, rejuvenating, exhausting, full of both laughter and tears, incredibly sad and wonderfully happy.  It was a whirlwind and even though it was brief, I’m still trying to wrap my head around all that happened.  I said goodbye to my grandfather but hello to family members I hadn’t seen in much too long as well as ones I’d never even met before.  It was overwhelming and I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.

We landed in Columbus mid-afternoon on Thursday, had just enough time to shower and change, then headed directly to the church (where the viewing was being held) and right into the open arms of my aunts and uncle.  They didn’t even have to say how glad they were to have us there, their eyes said it all.  But of course, they did say how glad they were and I felt the exact same.

For the next few days, we caught up with family, smiled over old family photos, hugged lots and lots, listened to childhood stories, drank all the good beer (my aunts and uncle are really into craft beer and when I’m with them I’m like “yep, these are my people!”) and just felt so surrounded by love.  I think I learned more about my family in those few days than I’d known for the previous 26 years of my life!

Sunday afternoon, right before we left for the airport, my aunt asked me “so what do you take away from all of this?”  My immediate answer was “how strong the bond of family is!”  It is incredible and amazing to me that I live states away from my relatives, but the connection and familiarity we have with one another when we get together is INSTANT.  I love that so much.


My grandpa as a little one.


My grandpa and ME as a little one.






P.S. Ohio is totally green and full of cute houses and even has hip brunch restaurants that serve killer chilaquiles and BOOZY CEREAL.  Joey and I came across a little farmers’ market on our way to breakfast, then strolled through the neighborhood and now we’re moving to Ohio!  But not really 🙂

P.P.S. I was lucky enough to see both sides of my family in one week and as a result, my heart is feeling so so full right now ♥

6 thoughts on “A Family Weekend in Ohio

  1. After spending just a few days with the Ohio Dorseys, even I was tempted to move there. But our weather in Colorado is pretty hard to beat. And, of course, it is home to my girls.

  2. It was an incredible experience for me, too, Lauren! I was overwhelmed with the feeling that a plug that had been knocked out of its socket had been reconnected, bringing with it all the energy that implies! I felt instantly reconnected to people I hadn’t seen in 40 years!

    • I’m so happy to hear that I wasn’t alone in feeling re-energized by all the family reconnecting this weekend. And that is the perfect way to describe it! Thanks for reading, Sue!

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