Letting Go of One Season & Moving on to the Next

You guys.  It’s happening.  The past couple of weeks, I have woken up and headed outside for my run only to discover noticeably chillier air.  The sun is setting just a teensy bit earlier, our house is just a teensy bit less unbearably hot and I’m feeling really into hot coffee again.  Summer is ending, fall is on its way — only felt momentary panic while writing that sentence so I think I’m adjusting well to this change — and it’s time to take a moment to appreciate and reflect on this past season before we can fully let go and move on to the next.  Did you get it all done?  Fit it all in?  Live summer to its fullest?  I truly hope so.

Because I’m a person who can’t help but compare stuff from one year to the next, I started this summer feeling a lot of pressure to make it as INCREDIBLY AMAZING as last summer but as time went on, I realized it’s okay not to replicate things.  To let this summer be its own person summer, with its own highlights, rituals and themes.  So maybe last summer was the summer of successful BBQ hosting, half marathon training and trying new places, but this was the summer of relaxed backyard dinners, weekend vacations, weekly farmers’ market trips and OUR FIRST GARDEN (!!!).  It felt good and healthy and fulfilling and I can’t complain about that!


Now, it’s September and fall is right around the corner and I am craving simplicity.  I love summer more than anything but honestly, I’m kind of exhausted.  All the fun stuff, coupled with self-created pressure to do all those things and take advantage of every sunny outdoor second has me feeling a little worn out.  Worn out in a good way, but also in a way that has me SUPER excited for a slightly quieter season of life.  Gonna try to settle into some fall-time life routines and embrace all that this new season has to offer.  Are you with me?

Wishing you all a wonderful Labor Day weekend!


2 thoughts on “Letting Go of One Season & Moving on to the Next

  1. So I’ve been incredibly MIA with the move, but I’ve loved reading your posts on the road, while unpacking, and now while finally feeling settled. I’m glad you’ve had such a kickass summer! I think you should definitely be proud of the season you created. Also: your post title could be the title for my life right now, ha! Now here’s to an excellent autumn in Denver and Cincinnati.

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