A John Mayer Concert

Hi, guys!

Just dropping in to tell you a few things about last night’s John Mayer concert and how he opened with “Clarity,” played “In Your Atmosphere” (I maybe did a fake, but not-so-fake crying face when he started playing it because it’s one of my very favorites and I’ve never heard it live) AND “Free Fallin'” and did a set with the Trio that included “Vultures.”  Plus “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room,” “Helpless,” “In the Blood” and… wait for it… “Gravity.”  In other words, all the best songs!


I took like 10 horrible videos and probably annoyed the people behind me by standing and dancing the entire time, when everyone else was sitting down (WHY THOUGH?!) and mostly, I want to tell you that I hadn’t seen John in concert since 2014 and as soon as he started playing, I remembered how being at one of his shows makes my heart feel so completely whole ♥

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