Weekend Things

PRO LIFE TIP: Tell your job you’re taking an entire week off for vacation then actually return on Thursday and you get to enjoy a staycation of sorts from Friday-Sunday.  Probably one of the best life decisions I’ve made thus far.

Also, I promise to tell you all our trip to Oregon — including a cute little stay in Portland — very very soon but I’ve got lots of pictures to sort through first, so in the meantime, please enjoy a little glimpse at those three days back in Denver before we had to return to work/real life/the daily grind (which isn’t so bad, but you know, vacation > anything).


Odd13’s n00b and Codename: Superfan?!  Best wedding ever! // Congrats, DJ & Alyssa! ♥


Had the morning & all the new Heart coffee to myself on Friday // The fridge was a wasteland but I burnt caramelized some bananas I found in the freezer and breakfast was a dream




Post-vacation garden harvest // The biggest radish // The prettiest beet //  A surprise squash // Roasted em all up // Lunch perfection that was 90% from our garden and that made me insanely happy 

P.S. First taste of my newest kombucha (carrot-orange-turmeric) and it was mega-delicious and super-carbonated!


Un-pictured Saturday events: Friday breakfast repeat, bike ride to the Farmers’ Market, veggie sandwich lunch, watching E.R. reruns on TV, evening run (why don’t we do this more?!)

Pictured: grill dinner of my dreams and a spontaneous trip to Ice Cream Riot for the creamiest Cookie Butter (me!) and White Russian (Joey!) scoops // Joey and Ned are ice cream buddies, for sure


Joey chose The Noshery for our Sunday Breakfast Date and he chose wisely // Lori joined us, so everything about breakfast was really really good


Garden gazing // stress baking (because real world events are horrifying)


Sometimes wish Joey had a cookie for a head // Summer Bliss Bowl with Sweet Potato Falafel & Jalapeño Ranch was SO good (again) but it’s three days later and my house still reeks of oil // Also, GoT was kind of a yawn this week (IMO) but hell yeah to that band of misfits coming together to face the Army of the Dead at the end!  I need to see that flaming sword ASAP!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. I loved following your Oregon trip on instagram and I can’t wait to hear all the stories…but your weekend also looks ridiculously awesome. You make me have such gardening goals! Now I just have to find someone’s yard to borrow.

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