Weekend Things

The number of times I come to this space to write up a “Weekend Things” post, only to discover the last thing I wrote was the weekend recap from the week before seems to have increased lately.  Oops!  Let this serve as a gentle reminder to myself to get back to writing up quick mid-week posts about how I saw Lady Bird two weeks ago or that I finished a book that I hated.  Those little life things deserve their own post sometimes 🙂


Friday night, we headed home, cooked dinner (this vegan alfredo is so good and it’s easily one of my favorite things we make regularly) and then…. you guessed it, went to a movie!  It’s that time of year and Joey and I are truly on our movie seeing game.  This time it was Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri which is a mouthful but it’s also very good.  Parts are funny and parts are heavy and and you never know which is coming.  I kept feeling caught off guard but in a good way.  I just really enjoyed this movie!


Saturday started with breakfast at my favorite place, aka Stowaway.  We shared a bourbon banana cake while sipping our coffee and I don’t think I’ve ever felt happier.  Afterwards, we checked out the brand new Union Station Whole Foods and not to be dramatic, but this feels life changing.  Ample parking, a spacious layout and all the specialty items your heart could desire.  I’m not about to do my weekly shopping there but I frequently find myself needing to take a trip there for something I can’t find at my regular grocery store and having this new store within 5 minutes of home is going to be SO NICE.  Also, I forgot my phone at home so I couldn’t geek out taking Instagram videos of the store, which is probably for the better…

Post-WF mania, we picked up beer supplies to brew over Thanksgiving weekend then headed home because I had a noon-time manicure scheduled.  The color is called “Edith” and I’m telling myself it’s as in Piaff.  We spent the night at a wedding reception for some friends but not before grabbing a beer at Diebolt.  We decided we need to be bigger supporters of our neighborhood brewery by drinking a beer there more often.


And then there was Sunday, the day I only took food photos 🙂  To be fair, I also went on a run, finished a book and watched a few episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (all the way caught up!), but I just didn’t take pictures of those things.  While Joey was out watching football, I made a pie dough for a caramel apple pie I’m making later this week and even though it doesn’t look “perfect,” I did my best while telling myself “pie dough can smell your fear.”  We had a mishmash of ingredients in the fridge and only three days of work to get through, so I just threw together some salads for us.

Highlight of the day was dinner, for sure!  The Cowboys were playing that night and to me, this reads: WING NIGHT!  I made this jalapeño popper bean dip (with mini bell peppers) and baked chicken wings with ginger-soy glaze and then Joey made us a buttermilk ranch dressing and it all turned out SO GOOD.  I was absolutely delighted by all of it and would definitely use all the recipes again.  I guess the Cowboys lost?  I was obviously distracted.

And now here we are, three days out from Thanksgiving and I am literally unable to think or speak of anything else.  Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. This is an excellent and worthwhile post, so please forgive me for being stuck on your first paragraph. What I really want to know is: Did you like Lady Bird AND what was the terrible book?

    • I really really liked Lady Bird and I can’t think of a single good criticism but for some reason, I didn’t LOVE it like every else seems to. Still though, I highly recommend seeing it! The book was The Nix and it was 600+ pages of agony for me 🙂

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