Weekend Things

Happy Monday! My first week back to full time work was… rough. I definitely cried on Monday, but the good news is, the days got progressively easier as the week went on and I actually feel pretty good about it all today. Friday could not have come faster though! We had quite the weekend, packed with an actual outing, lots of visits from family, perhaps too much take out, a few movies and just so many baby smiles. Wow, guys, 3-month old babies are just so so fun! To top it all off, Dempsey has been sleeping 6-hour stretches at night and it has felt GREAT. Let’s hope he keeps it up 🙂

We worked till about 2:30 on Friday, then packed up the baby and ourselves and hit the road for Dillon to see the Ice Castles. I think we’ve talked about going for something like four years, but it took a sleepless night for Joey to just bite the bullet and buy us tickets. We made it up in about an hour and fifteen minutes, then put Dempsey in his snowsuit and tried putting him in the carrier but HE HATES IT IN THERE! We think he likes being able to see everything?? The castles were definitely smaller than we’d expected but they were still cool to see. I think we made it through in about 20 minutes though, ha! Ordered pizza from Hops & Pie on our drive back. The pizza special had orzo on it and their breadsticks have pimento (I think??) cheese on top, yum!!! Watched something like 20 minutes of Lady Macbeth before Joey announced he was too tired, LOL!

Up and at em with this cutie on Saturday! He’s so dang smiley in the mornings and it’s my favorite! We tried to let Joey sleep in again and got started on coffee and pancakes. I saw a recipe for cornmeal buttermilk pancakes last week and really wanted to try it. We all (including Andi) approved. Lounged on the couch for bit afterward, then got ourselves ready for a visit from Cathy, Todd and Courtney. It was their first time meeting Dempsey! They brought such cute toys for him too.

Someone passed out IMMEDIATELY after they all left. Meeting new people must be tiring. I held him while Joey went out on a run and then we had lunchtime sandwiches from Brider delivered. My banh mi was sort of disappointing, but man are those chips good! And we finished our movie. Love Florence Pugh but I did not love this film. Specifically a scene closer to the end that was deeply upsetting. No thank you! We tried to get some chores that we usually reserve for Sundays done too, so that we could have more free time the next day. Uncle Adam came over around 4:30 and Dempsey managed to stay awake until about the very end of the visit.

Ended the night with leftovers and another movie. We watched Shame and I don’t know, I felt like it was a movie I was supposed to think was good more than that I actually thought was good. I feel like I always like Carey Mulligan more than I like the actual movie she’s in. Joey liked it though! I made us some salted honey no-churn ice cream on Thursday and we were too tired to eat it on Friday, so we finally broke it out Saturday night. So creamy!

The face of a baby who basically slept from 7:30 PM to 3 AM! He ate a couple of times in between but didn’t even open his eyes to do so, ha! He was, however, wide awake when I put him back in his bed at 3:30 AM but he rolled around and “talked” in his bassinet for a bit, then eventually fell asleep on his own. Knock on wood that he keeps this up for a bit (but I won’t bank on it)!

We ordered from The Noshery for breakfast and I was hesitant to order just the basic breakfast (I’m picky about scrambled eggs and so many places are surprisingly terrible at it!) but it ended up being great! Dempsey fell asleep in his lounger, which he hasn’t done in so long (except when he did it again this morning?!) and then kept on napping in my arms when we moved ourselves over to the couch. I ordered groceries and Joey took a trip to Target to pick up a few things and then I ate lunch and wrote a letter to Dempsey while he briefly napped in his crib later on.

Sunday afternoon, my sis and Wayne came over!!!! Out of an abundance of caution, they literally hadn’t been inside or held Dempsey since the week he was born, so it was SO NICE to see them! This little baby has changed so much since they last saw him. He has neck strength and can smile and see faces. And he was so excited to see them that he could hardly contain himself and spit up a bunch of times on my sister. Oops! He fell asleep again toward the end of their visit, so Joey continued holding him after they left and I made salads for the week and then we ate dinner and finished the night with some episodes of Better Call Saul. I love this show so much!

Please tell me how your weekend was! Also, if you have kids, tell me if you “put them to bed” when they were a baby?? We just hold this guy while we watch TV at night and take him up when we’re ready for bed. Is that weird?

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