Weekend Things

Is it because we’ve had so many weekends of doing nothing and seeing no one, that even small events feel like a big deal lately? I’ve been thinking about when this is all over and we go back to normal life and wondering if we’ll have weekends that are busy? Where we won’t have time to sit around and watch TV or do just so many loads of laundry or just decide to go on a long walk because what else do we have to do? I don’t know if I’m quite ready for that again, but it was really nice to see people and maybe go places this weekend!

Hannah, Mason and Henry came over on Friday!!! I was seriously so excited to see them all. Dempsey had just woken up from a nap, hence the out of it look on his face. Joey and Mason built a snowman named “Joey Snowy” (ha ha!) and Hannah and I tried to get the babies to look at each other 😛 Hannah seriously HOOKED US UP with all the three month clothes and it maybe took us the rest of the weekend to sort through them all.

After work, Joey cleaned up our mess of a house and we heated up leftovers for ourselves and fingers for Dempsey (his new favorite snack), then watched Pieces of a Woman. That intro is BRUTAL. It just had me very very on edge the entire time. It’s a sad but good movie and over all, we really liked it. We were excited to see Sarah Snook but then she was playing the EXACT same character she plays on Succession and it sort of made me less impressed with her work…

Saturday started my very favorite way, with cuddles! Afterward, I went back to sleep and Joey and Dempsey went to get us some coffee and then I came down and made us (and the pup) pancakes. We had Joey’s Aunt Joanne and Uncle Keith over to meet the baby afterward and we hadn’t seen them in SO long, so it was extra nice. Joey made me wake Dempsey up and it felt wrong in every way, but he went right back to sleep after they left, so I guess it was okay. They got us some SUPER cute clothes and I cannot wait to put him in this little sweater and khaki number!

It was warm (but windy, ugh!) that day, so we loaded baby and dog up for a long walk down to Rocky Mountain Park Lake. It is sad but cute when the sun gets in Dempsey’s eyes and he has to close them and squirm to try to get out of the light. We made it over to the lake and then that babe shut his eyes and slept the rest of the way around the lake and back home. Also, HOW CUTE is he in that little hat?? We were worried this would be too long of a walk for Andi — last time we walked 2 miles, he was injured for days and we ended up taking him to the vet! — but so far, so good! More cuddles when we got back home 🙂

Nap time journaling for me! We spent the weekend putting him down for naps in his crib WITHOUT holding him first (mostly, anyway :P) and it seems to be working! Also used that time for cleaning and who knows what else. We made Chicken Paprika for dinner and it’d been too long since we’d made it! So good! We’ve been timing it lately where Dempsey wakes up from his nap around 5:30, so we can finish cooking dinner/feeding him and then he’s awake while we eat and it’s been so fun! He was really fighting sleep while we started watching The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (a slow, but beautiful movie that I liked but Joey was truly bored by) but eventually gave in when I held him on my chest, which he hasn’t let me do in a month. I loved every cuddly second!

Blurry early morning baby pictures are the best, right??

Okay, please please don’t judge us but we went to a restaurant. For the first time since February 2020! We will certainly not be making this a regular thing and we (okay, mostly I) went back and forth on it all weekend, but we felt like the safety precautions Stowaway was taking were good and we were almost the only people there. Dempsey mostly stayed in his car seat with the cover over, except for in that picture, and though he was awake the entire time (“go to sleep!” is a thing I’m almost always saying :P), he didn’t fuss and immediately fell asleep in the car on the drive home.

Back at home, we found a cute Nike tracksuit in Hannah’s pile of donations and then Betsy, Jory and Elliott came over to meet Dempsey. LOL at Dempsey’s face in this picture! Spent the rest of the day doing normal Sunday chores, watching SNL (oh my god, it was so bad!!!), going for a run and giving baby a bath. I hope you all had a good weekend!

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