A Very Good 4th of July

We had such a good first 4th of July weekend with our Dempsey! I fear that if I go into true detail this post will be so long that even I won’t have the attention span for it, so I will just tell you the basics and let the slew of pictures do most of the talking (minus a short caption maybe 😋). Started with dinner out with our best friends — I maybe danced with Mason mid-meal — then a day of annoying errands, our first outdoor movie of the summer, a really truly good 4th of July BBQ with our family and sparklers and some very funny $3 fireworks and then to top it all off, a rejuvenating Monday off to just rest and hang as a family of three. I loved every second 🥰🥰🥰

Someone was excited to wake up on Friday with a third tooth!

Baby besties, cider, Mason dancing, good food and catching up with Hannah and Josh at Acreage ❤

Made baby-sized pancakes for that little Dempsey on Saturday morning and I’m not sure he actually consumed anything but he did keep putting it in his mouth, so I was happy!

Picked up pie x2, got a mani, went to the grocery TWICE, tried on Birkenstocks, braved Pyro City for sparklers, whew!

Grilled halloumi sandwiches + an outdoor movie! I have seen Joe Versus the Volcano wayyyy too many times 😂

Joey paused the hot dog eating contest for me, so I could watch when I got back from getting my hair done 😬

Had everyone over for beer/cider-can chicken + a bunch of sides and everything was so good! Demps wore a hot dog shirt that we bought for Mason when he was a baby! It was passed down to Henry and then to Demps but man was it tight! Put that baby to sleep, hung out till it was dark then lit sparklers and my heart was so happy ❤❤❤

Park baby!

We hadn’t had pie in like 10 hours, so we got hand pies for breakfast 😂

Pool time for Dempsey! Not sure he cared about the water, but he did like the toys 😍

Going through a phase where he’ll only eat from an adult spoon 🤷‍♀️

A summer salad with all the good things in it!

I hope your holiday weekend was everything you wanted and needed it to be ❤

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