Weekend Things

Hey, I am 32 now! Which I think means being hungover from 1.5 beers, needing a nap in the middle of a Saturday and finding supreme joy in things like Birkenstocks, vases and new plants. And outside of completing another trip around the sun, we got to hang out with Bob, Becca and Bailey, watch Do the Right Thing, hit up the Highlands Farmers’ Market and Dempsey pulled himself up for the first time!!!! Too cool, but also too scary 😬

Very very nice of BTS to start my birthday early, by releasing a song called “Permission to Dance” on Thursday night. It is, of course, very fun and very catchy and very perfect. I only maybe made everyone watch the music video after dinner on Friday πŸ˜‹πŸ₯°

My birthday started with a bunch of amazing presents from Joey and Dempsey, including a new Rockies jersey, a serrated knife, new plants, a bird bath and a Jeff Goldblum book! I felt extremely seen and extremely loved by my boys πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Afterward, we made our weekly pilgrimage to Downpours and then I made Joey and I some yogurt bowls while he sent Dempsey off for a nap. Lori came over a bit later and took care of Demps for the rest of the day and I am just so grateful for her! She got me the prettiest vase, that you’ll see later in this post ❀

Another summer weekend, another summer BBQ! Everyone came over at 5 and Dempsey gave me the best birthday present of perfect nap timing, so that he woke up at 4:50 and got to be awake with us all through most of the BBQ. Weeks ago, I told my mom I wanted pulled pork and creamed corn for my birthday and man, did she deliver! That corn 🀀 She also got me Birkenstocks, a digital photo frame and wrote me a little note that I will definitely cherish forever. We let Demps stay up to see his first red velvet cake-full of candles — no cake for him this year, but definitely next! — then sent him off to bed and hung out for a bit afterward. My sis and Wayne stuck around even later than everyone else and I love them (and the new HydroFlask they gave me!) very much. Once the conversation digressed into everyone’s favorite salad green, it was time to end the party though πŸ˜‚

When you’re supposed to be eating, but you can’t stop sitting up, folding forward and trying to eat the comforter πŸ˜‚

We did have mid-Saturday plans but the day was still very relaxed. We needed it! Had pancakes and a yogurt-face for breakfast, then met Bob, Becca and Bailey at Big Choice Brewing for some beers and pizza and it was really great! Demps and Bailey were reaching out to each other and it was the goddamn cutest 😍 Plus the pizza and beer were really good! Back at home, we chilled, I maybe took a nap and we pulled out leftovers for dinner. Easy-peasy! After Dempsey went to bed, we watched Do the Right Thing! I watched it for the first time a couple of years ago while Joey was out of town and then by the time he went to watch it, it’d been pulled off of whatever streaming service had been offering it. It’s available again and I really wanted him to see! There’s nothing like it! (Except, In the Heights, which was even more similar than I remembered it being when we saw it last month πŸ€”) I will say it’s a lot less fun to watch once it gets closer to the end and you know what’s coming though. I’m so glad we watched!

I really needed to make Chrissy Teigen’s “Cheeseless Cheesy Eggs” for breakfast after coming across it in her cookbook last week, so Joey ran out and grabbed heavy cream for us while I fed Dempsey in bed. Those eggs took way too long, but they were worth it! I need to treat us to Sunday breakfasts like this more often! The rest of the morning involved a run for each of us, then too many chores and a trip to the Farmers’ Market that was way busier than I was mentally prepared to deal with. Felt like we still had so many little things to do when we got home, but I just needed a rest, so I did just that! Pregnant 31-year-old me definitely would have done the same, but 30-year-old me maybe wouldn’t have allowed myself a rest, so that’s progress πŸ˜€ Other Sunday highlights: Dempsey’s first peach, a beautiful arrangement of flowers in my new vase, pulled pork leftover and Big Brother. This week is a busy one with a bunch of All-Star events and I am already tired but also really excited! Hope your weekend was great!

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