Weekend Things

Well here we are. Kids might be back in school, but we are in the thick of it over here! It is hot and we are busy. I was also maybe dealing with a clogged milk duct all weekend 🤬 so that was NOT fun, but what WAS fun was Friday lunch picnic, back-to-back movie nights, a Saturday evening baby shower, Sunday breakfast and to top it all off, Henry’s 1st Birthday Party. He destroyed his cake and it was the cutest! I hope Dempsey was taking note 😋

We skipped our Friday morning coffee shop walk in lieu of an afternoon walk. We were trying to be out of the house while our housecleaners were there and we definitely accomplished that but it was so hot and Andi was behaving very badly! Oh well, a picnic is always fun 😄

That night, we made a caprese ravioli dish that I thought Dempsey would love but what he mostly loved was mozzarella cheese and not much else. Every time I’d set down some more in front of him, he’d throw what he’d been holding and go straight for the cheese 😂 After we put him to bed, we fired up Coda and boy does it feel nice to watch movies again! I liked but didn’t love Coda. The concept in general worked, but the details didn’t feel fully fleshed out and it bordered on cheesy a lot of the time. That being said, sign language is just so beautiful to watch. I really really loved that scene where she told her family how much she loves singing and the scene between she and her brother later on, when he is trying to convince her to pursue her own interests ❤

Saturday started with a wild-haired boy who looooves making that scrunchy face lately. It’s my favorite 😍 And just look at those teeth! I made ricotta pancakes for us all and Vietnamese iced coffees for the adults and it put me right in my happy place. While Dempsey was napping, I read and Joey did some yard work and it sure feels nice to have nothing to do once in a while.

Who knows what we did the rest of the day, but around 4, we piled in the car and headed to Steve and Rose’s baby shower. There was a big crowd and lots of BBQ to be eaten. Dempsey was finishing up his Coors Light 😂😂😂 before eating a bunch of pulled chicken, pulled pork, mac and cheese and bread. It’s so fun showing him off at parties! Back at home, we put him to bed and decided to watch A Ghost Story. After seeing The Green Knight, I’ve been really excited to try out some of David Lowry’s other films. “It’s like really beautiful but also so stupid?” is a real thing I said halfway through. Gotta get over the thought of a guy just walking around in a sheet with eyeholes to really appreciate the beauty. I dug it for the most part though!

A busy Sunday for a busy boy! We met Steve and Lorna for breakfast and he was very into banana bread and an orange slice. I didn’t realize it, but we’ve never given him orange! That afternoon, we made our way to Hannah and Josh’s for Henry’s 1st Birthday! It was a fiesta and that’s the kind of party I can get behind. Guys, Hannah is just so amazing and talented. She made the cake, a cactus cupcake display and those literally perfect cookies and I am just so blown away by her. Henry did sooooo good digging into that cake! The boys need to work on their smile game for pictures but I can already tell they are going to be best buds for life, just like Hannah and I ❤❤ Hannah’s dad gave me some of the peach jam he’s been making for as long as I can remember and I feel so lucky! I might even share a little bit with Demps 😋 We made nicoise salads for dinner and Dempsey was not into his potato?? Who does he think he is? He did pretty good with those green beans and salmon though. After he was down, we watched Big Brother and the Christmas episode of Ted Lasso and I wouldn’t be surprised if Joey was listening to Christmas music today 😂 How was your weekend??

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