Weekend Things

Wow, we had a good good weekend and I have about a million photos to prove it! I’m going to just jump right in.

Guess who’s 10 months old?! No idea when that happened but I am so happy we’re here because this guy is just so much fun right now. It’s exhausting, but it’s fun. He’s trying his best to get into any and everything and he just wants to stand… all the time! He’s just generally so much more aware too. The other day, I was snapping my fingers and now, I can see him trying to figure out how to do it too. So cute! He’s such a good eater, such a good hugger and his smile is my favorite thing in all the world. We love you, Dempsey boy! ❤❤❤

We celebrated Friday with wings from Fire on the Mountain. Felt like it’d been so long since we’d eaten there, so it really hit the spot. Dempsey had his own meal of salmon, zucchini and sweet potatoes but maybe got a taste of some chicken and a few French fries too. After he went to bed, we fired up The White Lotus (which we’d started earlier in the week and I’d become obsessed with!) and I made us a quick little peach tart and man, how good is puff pastry?!

Saturday started with solo runs for Joey and I (I ran three times last week and I cannot even remember the last time I did that!) and then I made us all some pancakes. Sopapilla pancakes, to be exact! Dempsey downed three of them!!! Love that little pancake eater ❤ I had a mani-pedi at 10 AM and they did both at the same time, so I was in and out in no time and that was super nice. Dempsey was home helping Dad wrap Bailey’s birthday present ❤

Happy Birthday, Bailey!!! How cute are all the “One-derland” decorations?! Bailey had just gone down for a nap when we got to the party, so we all entertained ourselves until she woke back up. She and Demps had a little photo shoot before we left and he only seemed semi-freaked out when Bailey was grabbing his head 😂 We tried to get him as much sleep before the party and hoped he would maybe fall asleep in the car on the way home (we’ve totally given up on putting him down for a nap past 4 PM!) but no such luck, so he was maybe just awake from 1:30 till bedtime at 7… 😱

Spaghetti was a good distraction though! This was a much anticipated dinner and Demps did not disappoint. Turns out he loves spaghetti and meatballs. He was slurping those noodles down like he’d done it his whole life. Just way too cute! We put him to bed (poor guy was soooo tired) and watched the last three episodes of The White Lotus. I loved that show so much! The entire cast was incredible and I thought the socioeconomic and racial commentary was so smart, balanced out by a bunch of hilarity. Jennifer Coolidge is such a legend!

Dempsey has been waking up at 6 AM (or just shortly before 😱) and it is killing us, so he was yawning away halfway through our family breakfast but what can you do! We hadn’t been to The Universal in literally 7 years, but we decided to give it another go and… it’s still just mediocre. Oh well, it was fun to all go out to eat together. Someone super fought their nap but finally fell asleep and I chilled so hard while he was napping. It felt SO NICE to have nothing to do but sit outside (there was the slightest chill in the air and it made me feel excited for fall!) and read 😊 After he woke up, he helped me fold his diapers while Joey got some work done.

We had really fun evening plans because Joey’s cousin Jacy was getting married!!!! So fun taking Demps to his first wedding and he was such a big hit. I mean, I obviously think my kid is the cutest, but it’s nice to hear it from other people too 😋 And he was so well-behaved! He entertained himself with some rose petals before the ceremony, ate a crab cake during cocktail hour, shared dinner with Mom and Dad, and danced with Grandma and Elliott and it was all the freaking cutest! We stayed as long as we could (we didn’t leave until 8!) and we still missed all the dances, speeches and dessert. Put him straight to bed when we got home and then watched Big Brother and maybe ate our own dessert to make up for having to leave before the cake cutting 😋 We were in bed by 10 PM and yet, I still feel so out of it today 👵 Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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